Imagine Me and You

2006-12-04 17:09

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” is the question that Rachel (Piper Parabo) has to ask herself and others when she catches the eye of florist, Luce (Lena Headey) during a wedding ceremony. But there are just two small glitches: It’s Rachel’s wedding and she is getting married to her best friend and lover Heck. Oh, and Luce is a lesbian. Rachel recognises that the look she shared with Luce is something more than just wanting to be best friends. That one moment turns her world upside down as she tries to figure out the meaning of “forever after”, her sexuality and love.


Imagine Me and You has all the right elements of a romantic comedy drama. It’s funny, it’s smart and it’s moving. That’s the best part about romantic comedies, even though you can pretty much figure out the end, it’s the journey that can make them worthwhile.

Imagine Me and You is definitely worthwhile. Written and directed by Ol Parker, the movie is set in London. A good choice if you consider other romantic comedy hits set in the city, films like Notting Hill, Wimbledon and Bridget Jones. In such a cold, grey city, you want people to fall in love. It’s such a relief when Rachel and Luce finally do.

But it’s not easy. Parker leads us through the journey they have to take before they can be together. In Luce’s case it’s dealing with being in love with somebody who is in a relationship. It’s a problem for her because she comes from a broken family where her parents went through a similar situation, and she vowed never to be involved with somebody in a relationship.

The film stars an ensemble of fine actors. Piper Parabo does a great job looking confused for most of the movie and executes a British accent with such flair, you’ll never question her nationality. Lena Headey has great chemistry with Parabo, making the love scenes tasteful and convincing, absent of the uneasiness that can make some shift in their chairs as they wait for the intimacy to end. Matthew Goode is well suited as the clueless and fragile husband Heck who just wants to make his new bride happy.

True to romantic movie textbook, Imagine Me and You has a few cliché scenes: the dramatic car chase to catch a lover before they board a train, never to return again; the phone call where a caller chickens out and hangs up when the love interest answers; and, the all-time favourite, the almost-kiss interrupted by someone entering the room.

Even with these predictable elements, Imagine Me and You is a joy to watch. Parker’s skill as scriptwriter shines as he uses wit to make the characters real and likeable.

Because all the characters are likeable, it’s easy to fall in love with them and, as a result, with the movie. As Rachel and Luce resolve their obstacles, you can’t help but root for them, even though you know someone is bound to get hurt. But Parker makes it easy and you realise that eventually all the characters will find happiness. Imagine is a real chick flick – right to its bones. Don’t miss it.

- Nomfundo H. Mbaba+Tshabalala
Imagine Me and You warms up dreary London with a classy lesbian love story that can be enjoyed by heterosexuals too.

Suretha 2006/10/20 2:56 PM
Imagine Me and You Excellent - It restored my faith in lesbian movies!! :)
Michael Rogers 2006/10/20 4:10 PM
Abomination The World is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. No longer ashamed of it's sin and perversion. How can people glory in the breakdown of the sanctity of the marriage institution that God ordained. Adultery is to break the 7th Commandment and homosexuality is an abomination to God. Repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ who was crucified for the sins of His people, buried and rose again on the 3rd day. If you repent and believe you will escape the judgement to come! May God have mercy upon us. Soli Deo Gloria.
Arctictai 2006/10/20 6:04 PM
homophobes Films such as this one is decreasing homophobia. It imforms people that homosexuality is perefectly normal and acceptable. Looks like a great film, can't wait to see it.
Martin 2006/10/22 6:38 AM
Abomination is hate speech Comments such as that made by Micheal Rogers should not be allowed as the comment rules very clearly states no hate speech. There is no space in the world for people like him. Thank goodness the world is becoming a saner place portraying gay & lesbians in a humane & normalized way...about time!!!
herf 2006/10/22 9:19 PM
save us may god be ashamed on director Ol Parker. have some shame. dont encourage Lesbianity.
Tammy 2006/10/22 9:30 PM
Abomination???? my Dear Michael Rogers, judge not! and be careful who you judge... perhaps you should repent... as I understand it, judging is a sin!
Dries 2006/10/22 10:17 PM
Abomination Agree 100% with Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johan 2006/10/23 6:50 AM
Sickening The idea of such a story is sickening. Please come to your sences and know that thyese type of films doesn't do good, but harm our comunitys. Please stop this "lesbian propoganda"! May God help us!!!!
john 2006/10/23 9:11 AM
from total "freedom" to tyranny Just another sober, fervent sign of what our society is becoming - violence, greed, dishonesty, sexual perversity, cheap gratification and compulsions, pride and arrogance. And all the while calling for the government to "stop aids" whilst millions are dying. Coming next after same -sex marriage - lowering of age of consent,polygamyand bestiality. Hey, I want a harem of nice 12 year-old boys and a few goats. Hey, don't judge -its a SIN (what's that?). Call evil good and good evil - no rules right?! great - expect disastrous consequences. we are seeing them unfold in our post-modern, neo-pagan society! tolerant of everything except those who disagree with you on moral grounds- "no place for people like this" - incredible hypocrisy. As plato said in this environment (western world) tyranny will eventually prevail - probably in the form of some fine fundamentalist gentlemen who won't think twice before blowing you up or beheading you publicly. Coming soon at a theatre near you.
Tishi 2006/10/23 11:36 PM
look at it from the other side plenty of people in this world are homosexual. They could include your colleuges, health practitioners, politicians or neighbours. They are invaluable members of society. The fact that they are attracted to indivuduals of the same gender makes them no less human than straight people. Nothing gives you the right to say that you are better than someone who is homosexual. Nothing. In south africa gays and lesbians are protected by the constitution too. How would you feel if a groundbreaking religious movie you loved opened in cinemas and when you logged onto a review page people had posted comments that implied that you were inhuman and sick because you beleived in your own God? Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion but your blatant attacks on lesbianism are pure hate speech and anti- gay propoganda in themselves.
Calvin 2006/10/24 7:26 AM
The other side is more green! Tishi, have you heard about the other side being more green because there is more pooh? Excuse the pun! Just because many people commit a certain deed does not mean we should start condoning it, even if a weak and Godless government permits it in their constitution.We are actually called to judge righteously and if something is against God and His Word it remains WRONG, no matter what any goverment or document or human rights group says.Popularity does not overide justice.Homosexuality is contrary to the natural use of the pieces of anatomy that God gave us and most of all it is against God's Law!! Repent and believe in His Word.You are offending a Holy God.
Manon 2006/11/10 12:15 PM
Lighten up Crikey people, IT'S A MOVIE!!! And a romantic comedy at that. Don't let your narrow-mindedness destroy all the pleasures in life. I though it was a great movie, and enjoyed it throughly
Tenshi 2006/11/14 9:43 PM
Lovely The best way to describe the phrase: "Follow your heart". I really enjoyed it and I recomended it to my mother. (forgive if you don't understand... I don't speak English
Tishi 2008/07/23 10:48 AM
response to calvin That's a very narrow minded way to look at it Calvin, the constitution and way the country works is not based on religion, important as it may be to you, it cannot be used to advocate hate speech. I'm an atheist and therefore have no personal religious concerns, but you have no right to use religion to justify and ideology that can promote murder, rape and attacks on innocent people on the basis of their sexual orientation. Wake up and take some responsibility for your actions. This was a lovely, fluffy movie, and if you find it offensive to your religion, you should not be watching it
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