2007-12-10 12:17

What it's about:

A tough, war correspondent Pierre Peters (Steve Buscemi) is demoted to interviewing a headline-hogging soap star Katya (Sienna Miller). Pierre comes unprepared to the interview and Katya shows up an hour late, and before we know it insults are flung about. It's obvious the two come from two very different worlds, but as the night progresses they begin to loosen up: dark secrets are revealed and they discover they're both scarred in their own way in this remake of Theo van Gogh's Dutch movie of the same name.

What we thought of it:

Interview starts off well enough, with hilarious scenes when Pierre and Katya exchange insults in a restaurant, but degenerates into a meaningless conversation between a demoted war reporter and a seemingly dumb soap star. Throughout the film it's not clear why we should care about this story or the characters' dilemmas. Although the cat and mouse game between them is captivating in the beginning, it's never quite clear why these two people are so angry at each other. And after spending more than half the movie trying to work out what's eating them, you lose interest in this below average romantic drama.

Much of Interview focuses on the stereotype that journalists would do anything for a scoop and that they feed on other people's misery. But that's not as interesting as it sounds. If you don't fall asleep you'll want to walk out of this ridiculous film. Compromise and sleep-walk?

- Tiisetso Tlelima
There's no clear story-line. The dialogue is pointless. You'll find yourself counting the things you could have been doing instead of watching this horrendous film.

Jaco 2007/11/16 6:40 PM
Movie must be more interesting than your review I am sorry Tiisetso, but it is evidently you missed the point of the movie in a big way. And I'm afraid, if this is the level of critique that you're going to dish out from now on, just lambasting a movie because you found it dull, I'll just skip your reviews from now on. Yet I hope you make me reconsider with more professional reviews soon, cheers.
Craig 2007/11/17 10:51 AM
Nice one At last a South African review that doesn't pussy foot around and gets straight to the point! I won't watch the movie, but the review was well worth the read - compromise and sleep walk indeed!!
Pete 2007/11/19 8:24 AM
I agree with Jaco I agree with Jaco, I think you did miss the whole point of the movie. It is clear that your reviewing skills are really not up to scratch.
Postman PAT 2007/11/19 9:50 AM
I agree with Pete and Jaco Maybe watching the movie twice may help?
Babalwa 2007/11/19 12:20 PM
Agreed Also have to agree with Jaco and Pete. I think you missed the point of the film Tiisetso, and definitely missed the subtleties involved in the dialogue etc. Perhaps next time you should try and make sure you understand something before giving it 1 star out of 5. Thanks. B
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