Into the Blue

2006-07-13 10:24


The world's oceans hold over $6 billion in treasure, most of it in less than 60 feet of water ... still waiting to be found.

Jared (Paul Walker) is a part-time treasure hunter who dreams of striking it rich. His girlfriend, Sam (Jessica Alba), has already realized her dream, working as a shark handler at a resort.

The happy couple's lives are irrevocably changed when Bryce (Scott Caan), Jared's childhood friend comes to Jamaica with his girlfriend Amanda (Ashley Scott). Bryce buys a luxury yacht that the quartet puts to good use to hunt for treasure.

When they discover a plane wreck filled with cocaine, Jared and Sam want no part of it. Bryce and Amanda, on the other hand, see it as a way of financing their expedition. They steal some of the cargo and sell it to a shady nightclub owner, Primo (Tyson Beckford). But Primo has other ideas and threatens to kill them unless the deliver the whole cargo to him.

Now, what began as a carefree treasure hunt turns into a deadly battle and Jared and Sam's innocent world is thrown into chaos.

What the critics are saying:

"...appreciation of beauty (or being lecherous) can only take you so far, before the trite story - about treasure hunters in the Bahamas - wears away your interest. It's best saved for DVD."
- Andy Jacobs, BBC Movies

"Not a thriller so much as an extremely violent swimsuit calendar."
- Justin Chang, Variety

"The most improbable of movies, a comic thriller set in the Bahamas in which Walker and Alba bare enough flesh to seduce us into thinking they've bared pieces of their souls."
- Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

"An enjoyable, gorgeously photographed aquatic adventure whose stars are blissfully bodacious."
- Jami Bernard, New York Daily News

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Who needs a compelling plot when you've got hot guys and even hotter girls? Well, anyone who actually cares about good movies for one. Still, the cast are stunners, as you can see from our photo gallery

esmeralde 2005/10/28 8:32 AM
great very good
Sir Walter Warden 2005/10/28 10:56 AM
Into the Blue Great ever production thus far !!!!!!! O Yes......Must see, and must enjoy !!!!!
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