Intolerable Cruelty

2006-03-30 12:09

Miles Massey (George Clooney) is a prominent Los Angeles divorce attorney who has everything-and in some cases, two of everything. Despite his impressive client list, a formidable win record, the respect of his peers and an ironclad contract (the "Massey pre-nup") named after him, he's reached a crossroads in his life. Sated on success, boredom has set in and he's looking for new challenges.

All that changes when Miles meets his match in the devastating Marylin Rexroth (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Marylin is the soon-to-be ex-wife of his client Rex Rexroth (Edward Herrmann), a wealthy real estate developer and habitual philanderer. With the help of hard charging private investigator Gus Petch (Cedric The Entertainer), she has Rex nailed and is looking forward to the financial independence a successful divorce will bring. But thanks to Miles' considerable skills, she ends up with nothing.

Not to be outdone, Marylin schemes to get even and as part of her plan, quickly marries oil tycoon Howard Doyle (Billy Bob Thornton). Miles and his unflappable associate, Wrigley, unwittingly dig themselves in deeper and deeper as they go head-to-head with Marylin. Underhanded tactics, deceptions and an undeniable attraction escalate as Marylin and Miles square off in this classic battle of the sexes.

What the critics are saying:

" of the most inspired, scathing, and downright side-splitting comedies to come out of Hollywood this year..."
- Stella Papamichael, BBCi

"Clooney and Zeta-Jones bring to mind the great movie couples--their sting and bite is inextricably bound with their puppy dog eyes and declarations of love."
- Ed Gonzalez, Slant

"...Coen fans may feel a little disappointed, despite the fact that Intolerable Cruelty could well prove to be their biggest commercial success to date."
- Matthew Turner, View London

Mix George Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Billy Bob Thornton. Now add the Coen brothers. What have you got? Only the funniest rom-com of the year.

Dries Grobler 2003/10/29 2:57 PM
Intolerable Cruelty Good Bruce Almighty
bob 2003/10/29 3:33 PM
not as good as you'd think saw a preview of this, and it wasn't as good as i'd hoped, being a massive coen brothers fan. they put george in funny teeth, but the script isn't theirs, and it comes across a little flat. o brother, where art thou?
tarik 2003/10/29 4:37 PM
hello uyg giujghkkljb must
tarik 2003/10/29 4:37 PM
hello uyg giujghkkljb must
cebo 2003/10/29 6:59 PM
Intolerable Cruelty its a classy rom-com, areal classic!! yes,yes,yes!!
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