John Rambo

2008-06-02 08:31
What it's about:

John Rambo now lives in the jungles of Thailand, hunting snakes to eke out a living. A group of missionaries pay him to take them into war-torn Burma to give aid to suffering villagers, despite his warnings. When they are captured by a rogue militia, Rambo must lead a group of mercenaries to rescue them.

What we thought of it:

You pretty much know what to expect from the new Rambo movie right off the bat. It has no story to speak of, barely any dialogue and is extremely violent. There is no humour, no drama, and not much in the way of acting either. Also, you have a grunting 60-plus Neanderthal as the protagonist.

The high points of the film are the beautiful cinematography and the beautifully detailed killings that occur ever four or five seconds. It might be based on the mindless 80s action movie model, but current CGI and special effects have given the blood letting in John Rambo an entirely new dimension. Whether it's Burmese guerillas forcing peasants to run over landmines or Rambo himself slaughtering an entire army, the number of flying limbs and fountains of blood are shocking.

Despite the cornucopia of violent death, John Rambo falls flat, even as a simple action movie. Stallone is just too old and the new, improved realistic violence make his superhuman exploits even more ludicrous. He kills hundreds of people who are younger than him and barely sustains a scratch – what are we supposed to deduce from this? Oriental soldiers can't aim? They can only afford blanks? They throw themselves in front of him out of respect? Pass me the sick bag.

The other big problem is the pacing. Once the violence starts, it never lets up and the endless parade of brutality loses impact after 10 minutes. Even a couple of cheesy one liners would have provided a much needed change of tone.

A reviewer's opinion won't make much difference to Rambo fans, and this movie gives them just what they want, although some may be disappointed. To everyone else, it's an empty shell of a movie combining 80s blind racism with modern production values. Can't Stallone just vanish now?

- Ivan Sadler

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After a group of missionaries are captured by guerilla soldiers in Burma, Rambo sets off to rescue them and punish those responsible.

Joe 2008/04/10 8:08 AM
JOhn Rambo I agree with this review 100%. I love a good action movie and there is a time for graphic violence but tossing a small child into a house and setting it ablaze with a flame thrower? What a crock!
haha 2008/04/10 8:31 AM
wow LOL...what a funny review..."sick bag"..LOL
THE BOSS 2008/04/10 9:14 AM
WHAT DOES HE KNOW ABOUT A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ACTION MOVIE I think the movie was brilliant. If you looking for good old fashioned jungle action, the movie delivers. Better than most of the horrible and boring over dramatized dramas on the screen now. Stallone is a legend and i think the reviewer should vanish......u know nothing about movies mt friend!!
Carl 2008/04/10 10:21 AM
The names Rambo, Ivan Sadler Rambo the four BRILLIANTLY FUNNY REVIEW MATE! But besides some of the negatives mate, Rambo, like Rocky, shouldnt be reviewed, because it just is! Rambo is Rambo, you should taken it from a Rambo fanatics point of view.... "Theres like this cool part when he rips out this little yellow dudes throat and the blood just pumps out everywhere.... awesomely displayed Man" Because like me, a bad review tells me its EXACTLY what I want to watch. Love your work Ivan.
Highly concened 2008/04/10 11:16 AM
Carl, Carl, Carl Understanding the point you make and also being in agreement with you on Ivan's writing skill, I feel it is not only my right, but my responsibility to warn you against the dangers of saying things like "he rips out this little 'yellow' dudes throat..." Tact is optional, but a basic understanding of what's acceptable is paramount when your comments are posted in a public space.
G- 2008/04/10 11:34 AM
John RamBORING!!!! What boring movie!!!!!
Logan 2008/04/10 12:11 PM
Why is it not better? I won't be watching the new Rambo, my days of thinking that watching violence has no effect on you are long gone, but it puzzles me as to why Stallone & his funders could not have made a better movie. After all it was a long time coming and it may be his last Rambo, why blow it? Although maybe its better that they didn't try to make the violence funky or cool. Anyway, it was either the Burmese or North Koreans I suppose.
The other Boss 2008/04/10 12:17 PM
Here we go again The Americans are too busy producing crap and we suckers are too busy watching it. a good old movie anytime.
Gene 2008/04/10 12:18 PM
Sounds like someone is more anti-Stallone then anti the movie itself Seriously now, what did you expect from the 4th Rambo flick if the other 3 were exactly the same? I personally enjoyed the fact that they did not stray from the formula that made the series great. If you wanted an Oscar winning performance about some skinny love struck jerkoff who has fallen for his long time female friend, but cannot tell her (for whatever reason this time around) you chose the wrong movie Ivan.
lee 2008/04/10 12:41 PM
Its exactly what i paid for. I watch a drama and i settle down and prepare myself for thought. i watch a comedy and i grab the popcorn and expect to laugh. I watch a horror and only hope its really scary. I go to see the latest Rambo and i get exactly what i paid for and a whole lot more. Im no the biggest Stallone fan however i thought he delivered a good film..... for what it was. Glad to see the vest stayed on and the heroic slow motion scenes were far less than the other films. Yes it was extremely violent but no more than watching the news these days. Thanks for a good action film Sly.
Noel 2008/04/10 2:04 PM
Time to Move On. Both Stallone and the movie character have had a good run in the past. I feel that the character Rambo was someone that earlier generations could relate better to, but that today's audience's are more sophisticated and can see through a weak plot very quickly. I feel that Rambo should be left in the 80's and Stallone should either "hang up the gloves" or choose roles more suited to his age and acting ability.
Grant 2008/04/10 3:31 PM
No seriously.... No seriously this movie was great.. Everyone is talking about the previous movies.. Did he make ones before this?
Simon 2008/04/10 6:38 PM
Great! Like previous comments, what would you expect from a Rambo movie? Oscar Material?? Dont think so. But a great action shooter... I enjoyed it!!
Ziggy 2008/04/10 6:52 PM
WHAT A MOVIE!! Wow, as a die-hard Rambo fan... this movie rockyed (i mean rocked). The cinematography was awesome and hey the acting wasn't that bad. Fall flat? Far from - it is a masterpiece in its genre.
Jan 2008/04/10 8:31 PM
Suckfest? Hardly Uhm... Ivan? Blind 80's racism? Care to explain that part? I thought this movie was great. What is wrong with Over the Top action? And a "Grunting Neanderthal" as the antagonist? If the reviewer had any idea about the actual character of Rambo he would have known that IS Rambo. Quiet, withdrawn and not an Oprah wannabe. Great movie. Great performance from Stallone. Well done!
Uncle 2008/04/10 10:59 PM
Rambo Rocks Rambo Rocks. Full Stop. Call me an mindless action loving grunting neanderthal if you must. Sly knows his audeince. A good film is one which achieves which it initially set out to achieve...Case in point. Don't be an Art-Nazi.
Ronald 2008/04/11 7:05 AM
WHO IS IVAN? Ivan Sadler, did you even watch the first 3 Rambos or were you still in Bagdad? Do you know what the the reason is behind Stallone making this movie? I dont think so, cause if you did the word racism would not be in your write. Get yourself a life. You my friend need to get the first 3 watch them and then do your write up. PEACE
Rico 2008/04/11 8:30 AM
RAMBO KNOWS HIS STUFF Look what I think about this movie, clearly its not oscar material, but I believe many other critics dont care about the reviews. The layout of the picture is great and there is a vast difference between the previous Rambo movies and this one. Sly was just sticking to the formular on how war movies used to be back in the 80 s. Its taking us back to the Vietnam days.
Pappy 2008/04/26 12:33 PM
Trevor 2008/06/10 7:51 AM
Has this film been banned or have I just missed it? Have I missed Rambo or has it not been released yet? If it has been pulled from release, I fear that the Film and Publications Board has banned it.
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