2008-05-06 17:41
What it's about:

David (the wooden Hayden Christensen) discovers that he has the power to teleport himself when he has a near fatal accident as a child. He runs away from home, and lives a life of jet setting around the globe until he meets Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), who leads the vicious paladins – a secret order of warriors intent on destroying all jumpers. Along with a fellow jumper, Griffin (Jamie Bell), he must fight for his life while trying to rescue the girl of his dreams (Rachel Bilson) from the paladins.

What we thought of it:

Jumper is a good idea and could have been a great film, but it's hampered by noticeable flaws that leave it far less entertaining than your average sci-fi.

Firstly, the story is insubstantial. Apart from what we know from the trailer and a few scant tidbits of back story sprinkled about, there is no explanation as to why anything is happening. There's also zero character development and by the end of the movie it feels like we barely know David, Roland, or Griffin. Without any motivation, it makes all of them pretty uninteresting and even less sympathetic.

David is living a permanent vacation using his super power to steal money to fund his luxurious life, and even when he's faced with danger, he still only thinks of number one. Roland is no better, and Samuel L. Jackson just trudges through the role with little interest. Jamie Bell ends up being "that crazy English guy" while Rachel Bilson is the young woman who's lucky enough to be teleported around the world by a blank faced pretty boy.

On the up side, Jumper has some exciting action scenes and the special effects are pretty cool. With more of an intriguing story it could actually have been a half decent movie, instead of the little taste of something that it is.

In the end, Jumper feels like the hastily finished pilot to a series like "Heroes" – at the conclusion the characters have just about been introduced and you'll want to know how the war between the jumpers and paladins will begin. Unfortunately this is all we get, and it just isn't enough.

- Ivan Sadler
A young man with the power of teleportation is chased by mysterious paladins while trying to rekindle a childhood romance with the girl of his dreams.

JeSTER 2008/02/18 7:05 AM
Jump to 2 I really hope they make a sequel, it felt like I watched half a movie at the end. I was just getting into it and then it ended. There could of also been a bigger and better fight scene, the effects werent bad, and sad to say, but yes, it did feel like an episode of HEROES (which is a really cool show). I dunno, maybe the trailer created too much hype for me.
Chandyce 2008/02/18 8:10 AM
Plans for a sequel...? I watched Jumper last night. I quite enjoyed the movie and found it entertaining and even worth the exorbitant R 50/ticket at Tygervalley. However, it does leave you needing to know more about the characters. Also, you wonder why and how they got these powers. Who are these paladins and why are they hunting jumpers. Why don’t Jumpers help save people instead of being selfish? In the beginning of the movie, David is watching the news with some interest, which got my hopes up thinking he was going to use his powers to rescue and help people. Instead he carries on in his own mission, thinking of numero-uno. Don’t you think that he acted just like his character in Star Wars – Anikan Skywalker? All in all, I think that the producers of Jumper left all this info out because they are leaving space for a sequel, as all movies these days are intended for franchise.
Claire 2008/02/18 10:50 AM
Lacked, well a lot If you are lokking for blank entertainment with loads of special effects than this is the movie for you. The story line is thin, the suspence is non-exsistent and the characters are boring. A real dissapointment!
m.khumalo 2008/02/18 11:57 AM
JUMPER I really did not have another choice since i had already seen or did not want to see what was on circuit last night.but if someone told me i would not have watched, its ine of those movies you can wait for the dvd, fortunately it ended before i left
Matt 2008/02/18 4:32 PM
Jumper A brilliant idea wasted. A little more creativity and this would have been another excellent franchise in the making. The sequel will have plenty to prove.
jack 2008/03/03 7:04 PM
jumper i realy like the movie
Mo 2008/04/10 8:22 AM
Absolute rubbish I have nothing positive to say about this movie. The acting was horrible! The storyline even worse!
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