2008-08-12 14:12
What it's about:

Offbeat teenager Juno (Ellen Page) has got one up the spout and has to answer awkward questions most girls her age couldn't have to begin to comprehend. Faced with the irreversible, she consults the newspaper classifieds and finds a couple – Vanessa and Mark Loring (Jennifer Garner and Michael Bateman) – to adopt her baby, while she faces her pregnancy with the help of her friends, her family and the baby's daddy, the unassuming Bleeker (Michael Cera).

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What we thought of it:

Juno is a tongue in cheek dramedy that's a force of its own. It's not often that the topic of teen pregnancy and its consequences deviates from a preachy tone and facetiously pokes fun at such a tricky predicament. Ex-stripper and screenwriter Diablo Cody's witty script gives birth to a funny yet touching screenplay worthy of its Academy Award. It may knock the wind out of audiences expecting the regular teen drama on the perils of unprotected sex, but it's definitely worth the sucker punch.

Ellen Page is charming as the nonchalant Juno, whose biting observations and off the cuff criticisms allows the film its adolescent edge. Jennifer Garner's Little Miss Priss routine once again reunites the actress with her overly used frown, but also teaches her a new emotion – quietly restrained maternal apprehension. While Jason Bateman as the seemingly doting husband and Juno's new best friend is rather reserved (even for him), J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney make for wickedly entertaining parents.

Michael Cera (Superbad and Arrested Development) is cashing in on the teen comedy genre one hilarious performance at a time, but might soon find himself typecast as the odd ball nerd. We're not complaining; his gawky impersonations are riotous.

There are moments of sheer brilliance from Jason Reitman's direction, but at times it suffers at the hand of an either inexperienced or inattentive boom operator when a fluffy microphone occasionally drops into scenes. Minor hiccups aside, this teen dramedy worth the watch.

Juno is as much about unplanned teen pregnancy as it is about the relationships affected and new bonds formed by it. You might identify with the sharp-tongued teens who awkwardly navigate their way through choices beyond their maturity level, or with liberal parents quietly nursing their consternation, or even with the cookie-cutter suburban couple desperate to fill their lives with real happiness. Cody and Reitman put these relationships under a microscope in a way that's both original and believable. Highly recommended!

- Megan Kakora

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A quirky, heartwarming story that's so touching in its simplicity and weirdness you can forgive the odd boom mic popping into scenes.

Brenda Steyn 2008/03/14 9:04 AM
Juno Wonderful movie, with alot of mixed emotions. Good entertainment but most inportantly good story line showing teenagers what to expect from life. Good one
Jimmy 2008/03/19 2:11 AM
A STUNNING CAST Although it comes up with some unpredictable twists, the award winning screenplay is actually not as brilliant as expected and the Juno character is just a bit too sassy, bossy and in charge of her own destiny for a 16-year-old. For me, Ellen Page is a tad too old for the role and I didn't find her particularly likeable. But the rest of the cast is faultless and it's the best ensemble acting one could ever wish to see. The travesty of this year's Oscar awards was that Jennifer Garner was not even nominated. Never mind the frown (I never even noticed it); this is a wonderfully nuanced piece of acting which propels her into the same league as Streep, Sally Field, Glenn Close and her co-star in "Juno", the delightful Allison Janney. May we see a lot more of her on film, rather than TV, in future.
Skillgannon 2008/03/20 9:55 AM
Juno Very well put together movie, show that not all is lost in Hollywood.
Claire 2008/03/27 10:04 AM
Juno It was exactly as I expected and lived up to the hype. The acting was superb, especially Juno, her parents & Bleeker. The dialogue was brilliant and I laughed alot. It's not a movie for everyone. But I loved it 'cause it wasn't mainstream and Hollywood-ized. Great stuff!!!
Kulani 2008/04/02 8:03 AM
Juno wow i enjoyed the movie,the nice part bout it i watched it with a great audience it was like in real life,we were putting ourself in her shoes dat what makes it more interesting.I think Juno and her step-mom character was a good combination loved the movie.
Andre Jardim 2008/07/10 12:36 PM
Brilliant! Ellen Page is brilliant, and I disagree with Jimmy stating she was too old, too bossy, and too sassy for a 16-year old. You haven't seen the 16-year olds in London mate! They would make Juno look like a kindergarten toddler! This is a superb movie with an excellently chosen cast, a great script, and a wonderful storyline with a few suprises along the way. It is more than worthy of the accolades heaped upon it, is intelligent and witty, and at it's heart is a warm feel-good movie. I highly recommend it.
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