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Just My Luck

2006-11-10 17:04


Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) never waits for a cab, rain clouds magically clear when she steps outside, she has the best closet, and she's completely oblivious to the misfortunes of the people around her. At barely twenty-something she is a high flying account exec at a PR firm, and lives in the same apartment building as Sarah Jessica Parker; in short Ashley is a very lucky girl. Until, that is, she kisses an unlucky stranger named Jack (Chris Pine) at an exclusive masquerade ball and swaps more than just spit. Her luck passes on to Jack and she in turn inherits his misfortune. When everything in Ashley's life goes wrong she sets out to find the masked dancer and get her luck back. However, finding Jack proves difficult when she discovers he was only posing as a dancer to get close to a music producer in hopes of scoring a record deal for a band he manages.


If you are expecting Just My Luck to have some brains, a good plot or even a few inspiring romantic scenes, then you are out of luck. With a main character specifically created to fit the mould of a Hollywood teen queen, any of the A listers could have easily filled Ashley Albright's stiletto heels: the Olsen twins, Hilary Duff, or Amanda Bynes. But this time Lindsay Lohan, the queen bee herself, steps into the spotlight.

Though Lindsay has talent, it's not apparent in this movie. The role should have come easy to her seeing as she is practically playing herself. She is basked in a pink hue making everything and everyone else seem dull by comparison. However she is bursting at the seams in this role and, at 20-years-old, she should already have graduated to more mature roles.

Samaire Armstrong and Bree Turner play Ashley's two close friends, Maggie and Dana. Their characters are decidedly less lucky than Ashley as are their real-life counterparts. Both these actresses are completely wasted in their roles. Armstrong has elf-like features reminiscent of Anne Heche and has all the sexy quirkiness of Jenna Elfman, but she makes little impact in this movie. Bree, however, is very likeable and witty in her role and comes close to matching Lindsay's blinding presence.

Ruggedly handsome Chris Pine plays Lindsay's love interest, Jack. His character is completely over-shadowed by Lindsay's - it's like putting a bowl of peas next to strawberry cheesecake. Chris has had some appearances on TV shows like CSI and Six Feet Under, and a small part in The Princess Diaries, but this is his first starring role. Unfortunately it's hard to see his talent when his character is only there to make Lindsay look good.

There is no chemistry whatsoever between the two leads. Lindsay seems more bored than smitten with Chris. The dialogue is stupid and there are whole scenes specifically aimed at promoting Lindsay's legs. Even the MTV/My Space crew for which it is intended will have a hard time buying into this one.

It turns out that the English band McFly, featured in the parallel story, really is trying to crack the American music market. The movie's other aim was to promote the band, but Lindsay even outshines them. Shame on you Linds, give someone else a turn already.

Just My Luck will miss the critical teen market that it is trying so hard to woo, but should still find fans among the tweens. In short, don't waste your time seeing this predictable movie unless you are a 9 to 13-year-old girl. And heaven help you if you have to play chaperone.

- Ashlin Simpson
Warning: Watching a movie where Lindsay Lohan has the best wardrobe, best job and best boyfriend could make you sick. Just My Luck is the kind of strawberry-filled cream puff that only pre-teens will be able to stomach.

nichelle 2006/09/05 4:25 PM
Lohan overshadows her own talent! This movie promotes Lindsay Lohan career to the extent that it makes you lose interest in her. It is almost as if her presence in the movie must be enough for you. I think the storyline could have a lot of potential if the director casted the right actors. The concept of the movie is relatvely good if the storyline was more realistic in a sense. I think Lohan has a lot more to offer the big screen if she can look past her own shadow. She has a natural beauty that comes out if she plays down to earth roles. Don't let your fame consume you, real talent is more than JUST MY LUCK Lindsay
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