Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (3D)

2011-03-11 11:33
What it's about:

This musical docu-drama tells the story of the teen pop star's meteoric rise to insane fame. The journey starts with Justin's childhood talent and aspirations and leads up to his first sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden in New York. In between we learn about the stresses of being a child performer and how many people it actually takes to deliver Justin Bieber to the world.

What we thought:

It's no secret that I'm a Belieber. So the opportunity to get an inside look at the cogs of the Bieber machine was indeed an exciting one.

I had my reservations, however. What if he turns out to be a spoilt brat? What if his live performances are crappy? Oh, the wonderful illusion will be shattered!

But Justin isn't one to disappoint his fans. For us, it's two glorious hours spent getting to know this charming, talented teen. *Swoon*
The filmmakers don't hold back and everything is laid bare – from his bratty mood swings to his scrawny chest. And it's endearing.

The film is edited perfectly for the intended audience. Interviews with friends and family members are interspersed with footage from his live shows, often showing him perform an entire song. No teenybopper is going to get bored of that.

It is surprising to discover that Justin's fame wasn't as instantaneous as many may believe. The film documents his many live radio performances and relentless badgering in order to convince DJs to play his songs. Justin also cleverly used his Twitter account to rope in his fans, and the film doesn't shy away from the fact that the social network was instrumental in growing his fanbase.

More impressive is Justin's celebrity 'fanbase'. His live shows include collaborations with Usher, Jaden Smith, Ludacris, Miley Cyrus and Boyz II Men. Everyone in need of a publicity punt wants to ride Justin's wave. And he's not shy to share.

There's also a big focus on his manager, Scooter Braun, his vocal coach Mama Jan and his mother and grandparents. Justin's staff complement can rival a politician's. A lot of people work very hard to make sure the world's teenaged girls get to see their idol.

This is Justin's story, and his deserves to be told. Not only is he talented and charming, he works his purple-clad ass off for all that he's got. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and neither does anyone on his crew.

But more than that, it's a critical look at the difficulties involved in raising a child performer. It's an examination of teenage obsessions. It's a window into the pop music machine. It's a documentary with all the colour, pomp and fanfare of a blockbuster.

Yes, you must see it in 3D. There's nothing quite like a Justin Bieber hair-flick in 3D.

While you may not walk out of the cinema a Belieber, you will discover that Justin is merely an adorable, floppy-haired puppet in the middle of the machine known as Bieber Fever.
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Anthony 2011/03/10 1:48 PM
Who'll watch this crap really?
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