Kline is the Only Emperor in the Club

2006-03-30 11:54

William Hundert (Kevin Kline), assistant headmaster at St. Benedict's school, is a man who practices what he preaches.

Striving to inspire his students to live rightly, he's an impassioned and principled Classics professor who believes the history of the Greeks and Romans is more than just a lesson about the past. He believes that his role as a teacher is not only to educate his pupils but also to mould their characters.

But in the fall of 1972, Hundert finds his cloistered world of tradition and influence upended with the arrival of a new student Sedgewick Bell (Emile Hirsch), the son of a US senator. Almost immediately, teacher and student are embroiled in a turbulent battle of wills with repercussions that will still be felt a quarter of a century later.

Based on the short storyThe Palace Thief by Ethan Canin.

What the critics are saying:

"The film is certainly no groundbreaker, and some may find that it moves along well-trodden paths, but within its overarching theme of teacher-versus-pupil, it has some unique things to say."
- Tanya Farber, IOL online

"...The Emperor's Club just doesn't have the mettle to go the full distance."
- Jamie Russell, BBCi

"Kline has rarely been better, but the film's turgid pacing - and a dreary romantic subplot involving fellow teacher Embeth Davidtz - may put off the young audience..."
- Lou Lumenick, New York Post

Despite a passionate performance from Kevin Kline, The Emperors Club is little more than a sentimental rehashing of several better films.

Quintus 2003/05/26 12:37 PM
Kline still the Ambassador of Drama I watched the movie this week-end, and gave it a full rating. If you're one for dramatic, deep movies, and you are in favour of the display and fight for honesty and fairness in our ever-increasingly corrupt world, then you should absolutely go watch this movie tonight!! If it wasn't for "Life as a House", this would defenitely be Kevin's best ever! White Oleander
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