Knocked Up

2007-12-21 13:29
What it's about:

Ben (Seth Rogen), an amiable slacker, meets Alison (Katherine Heigl), an entertainment reporter, on a night out celebrating her promotion at work. One drunken thing leads to another and one night's fun comes back to bite Ben in the form of looming fatherhood, while Alison is forced to confront the value of her career against being a mother. With a large group of friends and family trying to help, the soon-to-be parents must get to know each other, deal with their new responsibilities and decide the right thing to do.

What we thought of it:

An unplanned pregnancy seems to be obvious fodder for comedy, but has been little utilised in the mainstream. Possibly because many people find the thought of a dependant horrifying, and the situation comes with a whole load of responsibility and difficult decisions. Writer/director Judd Apatow seems to thrive on milking laughs from awkward and serious situations (as in his 40 Year Old Virgin), and manages to perfectly balance sentimental romance with cruder "guy" comedy in one of the funniest films to come out of Hollywood this year.

Rogen and Heigl are great as the odd couple – dopey, good-natured Ben drifting through life with joint in hand and the eloquent career orientated Alison, with her eyes on the stars. His initial response to the pregnancy is hilarious and it's downhill from there.

But the cringe worthiness doesn't stop there. We're treated to the effects of pregnancy on their sex life and numerous visits to the doctor and plenty of emotional outbursts. Set against the backdrop of Alison's sister's miserable marriage and Ben's irresponsible house mates, there are jokes aplenty.

Apatow keeps the dialogue semi-natural and goes for constant laughs rather than big set ups, which pays off as the characters – no matter how bizarre – never come across as forced. Dealing with issues everyone can relate to, Knocked Up should have even the most cynical amongst us smiling.

- Ivan Sadler
A one night stand leads to a surprise pregnancy for a couple of strangers, who attempt to do the right thing, while discovering they have nothing in common.

Berna Struwig 2007/09/28 4:11 PM
Type your title here ratatouiille excellent - good that it was not so humanised!!
Jono 2007/10/02 9:56 AM
Knocked up This is one of the few movies we walked out on(after about 45minutes), it is really that BAD, the reason we decided to go watch it is because of this review, very dissapointed... Bad acting, poorly written, NOT funny, we laughed much more at the few previews before the movie!
Janet 2007/10/05 11:16 PM
Knocked up Brilliant, brilliant acting, excellent writing, extremely funny, one of the best mainstream movies I have seen in a long time. An adult movie, not for under 16's Jono obviously has NO sense of humour, or is under 16!
sanel 2007/10/22 11:55 AM
kncked up It is one of the best comedies I have ever seen period. I can relate to it. It tackles a serious topic in a light manner, which was I enjoyed the most, nobody likes to be lectured, but the movie does that in the coolest way possible. I dig it, Cant wait for it to come out on dvd.
Thomas 2007/10/24 5:40 PM
Knocked Up This movie is 2hrs of couples constantly fighting and swearing at each other. If that's supposed to be funny, then I obviously have no clue what a comedy is. A movie I wish I had walked out of, instead of watching till the end, hoping it might become enjoyable somewhere along the line.
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