Land of the Dead

2006-03-30 13:18


It's several years after the horrific events of "Day of the Dead" and the world (as humankind has known it) is merely a memory. What's left of mankind has taken refuge in a fortified city while the walking dead roam the vast wasteland beyond. The wealthy and powerful few maintain an illusion of life as it was, dwelling high above the city in the exclusive towers of Fiddler's Green. On the streets below, however, the remaining, inhabitants eke out a desperate existence.

The kingpin of this walled city is Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) who controls the supply of essential supplies via a hardened group of mercenaries headed by Riley (Simon Baker) and his second-in-command, Cholo (John Leguizamo). These hard-bitten fighters run retrieval missions outside the city, protected by their massive armoured vehicle, Dead Reckoning.

But things are changing. Unrest and anarchy are on the rise among the city's disenfranchised and outside, the army of the dead is changing, evolving, learning to organize and communicate.

When Cholo commandeers Dead Reckoning, intent on extorting Kaufman and his cronies, Riley must rally his rag-tag fighters to stop Cholo and protect the city from the army of evolving zombies storming its weakening perimeter.

What the critics are saying:

"Fans of the franchise will appreciate its inventive gore and digs at the US government, but if you've never heard of the series it still works as an above-average actioner."
- Andy Jacobs, BBC Movies

"It's good to see [Romero] back in the genre he invented with Night of the Living Dead, and still using zombies not simply for target practice but as a device for social satire."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"With this film director George A Romero has once again put himself in the forefront of this genre, not just for the visual aspects of the horror of a world of undead, but to look a bit deeper at modern life with some subtle social and political statements being made."
- Gary van Dyk, The Argus Tonight

Mixing guts and gore with cutting political satire George A Romero shows why he's still the king of the thinking man's zombie movie.

stef cloete 2005/09/24 10:52 AM
Land of the Dead Fantastic horror film. This is the forth instalement in Romero's series of undead films and it delivers like only the master of the genre can. See it before you die!
joshua 2005/09/26 4:30 PM
land love
Reverend Wright 2005/10/26 11:55 AM
Land of the Dead Absolutely amazing movie. Obviously no where near as good as his first movie "Night of The Living Dead" but for modern is great! If you enjoyed this movie make sure you see Rob Zombies "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects".
Anonymus 2005/11/03 3:59 PM
Constantein A very good movie about a man eho is trying to get into heaven, but he has done nothing good. Constantein
MaY 2005/11/04 2:19 PM
The Sisterhoood of the traveling pants It is such a chick filk but go out & watch it it is GR8! The Sisterhood of the traveling pants
Keltria 2006/03/04 12:06 PM
Land of the Dead Just another Zombie movie with the same old living dead people eating live people who then become living dead people, who then go out and eat more live people. Give me a break. Was not worth the money I spent to watch it. It's like every other zombie movie out there, not scary at all.
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