License to Wed

2007-10-29 17:49
What it’s about:

A young couple (Mandy Moore and John Krasinski) - who are already living together - decide to get married. The groom reluctantly agrees to a church wedding, but the pastor requires them to go through a pre-marital course that puts their love to the test. Will they survive, and walk down the isle to marital bliss?

What we thought

The best parts of the movie are given away in the trailer, and outtakes played with the credits at the end of the movie are funnier than the entire film.

The script is riddled with predictable situations that you seen hundreds of times in other romantic comedies.

It appears that Robin Williams, who plays the couple’s charismatic preacher, torturer, and anti-cupid Reverend Frank, has clearly not been given great scripts recently. Why else would he agree to bomb in this time-waster?

Then there is cute and adorable Mandy Moore who plays Sadie Jones, a young but immature woman in love. But Mandy Moore is all grown up and it’s about time she chose roles that suit her age and show off her acting skills – assuming she has some.

Her fiancé Ben Murphy is played by John Krasinski who most people will recognise from television series The Office. Murphy is mediocre, but with this script, who wouldn’t be?

Rather than funny, this comedy is at best just plain ridiculous. You’re better off paying for another movie, and sneaking into License to Wed just to catch the fairly funny end credits.

Nomfundo Mbaba+Tshabalala
A marriage counsellor puts a couple through the most gruelling marriage preparation course ever.

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