Lions for Lambs

2008-01-15 11:16
What it's about:

Impassioned senator Jasper Irving (Tom Cruise) invites TV journalist Janine Roth (Meryl Streep), who is struggling to find her way in a commercially tainted business, to an impromptu interview to announce a new war strategy in Afghanistan. Meanwhile soldiers Ernest Rodriguez (Michael Peña) and Arian Finch (Derek Luke) are caught up in the roll out of that new plan on a snowy mountain ridge. At the same time college professor Dr. Malley (Robert Redford) tries to shake promising student Todd Hayes (Andrew Garfield) out of his indifference by telling him about two former students and their noble decision to change a world that dealt them nothing but hardship.

What we thought of it:

Robert Redford's latest project is far from dull; shrewd tête-à-têtes and astute verbal exchanges come as a much needed step back from the skiet, skop en donder sensationalising in most war films. Most of the dialogue takes place between unmoving characters: the senator and journalist in a Washington DC office, the professor and student in a California college lecture room and two soldiers stuck on an Afghan mountain ridge.

Eliciting a rollercoaster of emotions, Lions for Lambs should be watched by all university, college and technikon students, and the jaded and apathetic who have slipped into lazy indifference.

Tom Cruise hasn't been this charismatic since that incident on Oprah's couch, and he proves he can be taken seriously without jumping between Shanghai high-rises. His forward-thinking senator who acknowledges past mistakes but presses for future solutions spars with an equally remarkable Meryl Streep whose reputable reporter struggles to survive in a dubious newsroom corrupted by profits and ratings.

The Oscar-decorated Robert Redford is impressively matched by his young co-star Andrew Garfield who convincingly holds his own as a precocious privileged student locked in a verbal tug of war with his didactic professor.

Lions for Lambs is a well-scripted culmination of interconnected stories of hope and apathy, tragedy and perseverance. It's ultimately about making the right choices, or simply making a choice at all.

- Megan Kakora
For a loquacious war drama, Lions for Lambs is a surprisingly balanced critique of modern politics, the war on terror and the media who sold it to the American public and the world.

tumi 2007/11/12 2:22 PM
DA WAR I'm tired of hearing about the war on TV, Newspapers it's like everywhere, I think the Americans love the attention they're getting from this whole war thing, as if they not pathetic enough as it is.
Vic 2007/11/12 3:09 PM
anti-American claptrap Yawn, here we go again. Another anti-American movie – like all the other 9 anti-Western war movies this season - it tanked at the box office – hahahahaha.. Only far-flung intellectually deprived types like Megan Kakora can sit through the movie. This movie talks you to death. Pseudo-moralistic claptrap. You must really, really be totally misinformed and only read the same newspaper (or TV program) everyday to come up with the kind of childish euphoria that Megan Kakora finds in this pro-hate, anti-freedom wank-athon. This is hilarious and gives hope: “Lions for Lambs should be watched by all university, college and technikon students.” Brawhahaha – hope is not shy. Gees, that she for one moment thinks students will fall for this kind of trash says it all. Save your money and go watch The Kingdom, lots of action, much better CGI effects, no pretentious better-than-thou moralizing. The good guys just kick ass.
Jan 2007/11/12 5:56 PM
Pro War Vic? Vic, it would seem as if you missed the message of The Kingdom. The good guys did kick ass as you say, but in the end it would seem as if we will all just end up with killing each other...
Marinda 2007/11/26 1:40 PM
Not see of the Movie of the Year!!! With stars such as Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise one would expect to be entertained and wowed, BUT sadly, the movie Lions for Lambs lacks depth, plot, theme and intrigue. This movie is proof yet again that Hollywood is losing the ability to make movies that tell stories in a powerful and gripping manner. We left the movie theatre without words to describe the disappointment and disgust in this NOT SEE MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Aag nee wat dit was nou 'n POT.
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