Love Actually

2006-03-30 12:11

General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed - but I don't see that - seems to me that love is everywhere.

Igniting laughter, wreaking havoc, breaking hearts, daring commitments, forcing choices, catapulting spirits, forging inroads, creating risks - ecstatic, exciting, unexpected, unwelcome, inconvenient, inexplicable, inelegant, unequalled.

Love actually is all around.

From the new bachelor Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) instantly falling in love with a refreshingly real member of the staff (Martine McCutcheon) moments after entering 10 Downing Street...

To a writer (Colin Firth) escaping to the south of France to nurse his re-broken heart who find love in a take...

From a comfortably married woman (Emma Thompson) suspecting that her husband (Alan Rickman) is slipping away...

To a new bride (Keira Knightley) mistaking the distance of her husband's best griend for something it's not...

From a schoolboy seeking to win the attention of the most unattainable girl in school...

To a widowed stepfather (Liam Neeson) trying to connect with a son he suddenly barely knows...

From a lovelorn junior manager (Laura Linney) seizing a chance with her long-tended, unspoken office crush...

To an aging 'seen it all, remember very little of it' rock star (Bill Nighy) pushing for an end-of-career comeback in his own uncompromising way...

Love, the equal-opportunity mischief-maker, is causing chaos for all.

These London lives and loves collide, mingle and climax on Christmas Eve - again and again and again - with romantic, hilarious and bittersweet consequences for anyone lucky (or unlucky) enough to be under love's spell.

What the critics are saying:

"You can almost see Curtis pressing the emotional buttons, but he does it so well you won't care. Warm, bittersweet and hilarious, this is lovely, actually. Prepare to be smitten."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi

"...pushes so many buttons at once, just in case, that he's perpetually jamming the movie up."
- Stephanie Zacharek,

"The movie's only flaw is also a virtue: It's jammed with characters, stories, warmth and laughs, until at times Curtis seems to be working from a checklist of obligatory movie love situations..."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Richard Curtis, the writer behind Blackadder and Four Weddings and a Funeral, makes his directorial debut with this star packed tale of love and confusion.

Kirsty 2003/11/21 4:53 PM
Love Actually It was brilliant! I love it! Love Actually-OBVIOUSLY
Paul 2003/11/24 8:23 AM
An amazing experience! Uplifting, inspiring, and very funny. You will leave the cinema with a smile on your face unless you do not have a heart. Absolutely
Nikki 2003/11/24 10:06 AM
Fantastic Yes, this movie is a real wrencher... the director does pull all the emotional strings in his repertoire, but it is still great. I walked out feeling happy, sad, in love, and glad for it! THIS is entertainment. Love Actually, actually
Laura Schwegmann 2003/11/24 10:17 AM
Love Actually I found the movie to be refreshing, no violence, and not too much bad language. Very down to earth with every day events. Love Actually
Liezel 2003/11/24 12:59 PM
Fabulous!! From the beginning to end I was totally entwined with the lives of the characters. Everyone in this movie was fantastic! We need more movies like this!! I would definitely recommend Love Actually to all around!
Chris 2003/11/24 2:23 PM
Love Actually What a great movie. It had every type of emotion that you can experience in love. I watched the film with my girlfriend and one moment she was crying and the next laughing. A must for everyone Yes
kelly 2003/11/24 2:54 PM
One of the best It has been a very long time since I have laughed and cried so much!!It felt great leaving a movie theatre satisfied that your ticket was worth every rand!!! Love Actually...
Richard 2003/11/24 3:47 PM
Love Actually A truly feel good movie. Beats the hell out of hearing about another cash in transit heist! SWAT
Mike 2003/11/24 9:55 PM
A must-see The seemingly disjointed plot all comes together to make a very great film about what love can do and mean to different people. One of the best film of the year! Pirates of the Carribean
Suanne 2003/11/27 1:23 PM
Love Actually The black-eyed peas should watch this movie then they would find "where is the love". What a WOW! movie . Thank you for making it... such a relief from the usual violence, hate and agession especially at this hectic time of year. Good genuine humor... good for the soul :)
portia 2003/12/17 3:14 PM
swat really great movie....excellent action,,,,worth the money jason vs Freddy
shlups 2003/12/19 9:34 AM
Love Actually WOW...WOW...WOW....Watched this after reading this page,,,,,don't regret it. Felt I had given up on love, but the movie reminded me that I'd rather have it and be hurt at times than not know what love feels like. Most are my favourite actors,,,the humour was great. Amazing movie,,,well done to Curtis,,,,,the story line , the cast, the movie,,,,,,,WOW,,,,AMAZING This is my recommendation
Thandi 2003/12/23 1:18 PM
Love Actually For all those who believe in love DO NOT GO WATCH THIS it made love stupid and predictable and just plain boring. The humour was elaborate and stereotypical of any cheap love story. If you dont believe in love dont watch this as it wont even provide you with a justification for your belief! S.W.A.T and I would give it a 2
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