Mad Money

2008-08-12 14:12
What it's about:

Bridget Cardigan's (Diane Keaton) privileged lifestyle comes crumbling down after her husband Don (Ted Danson) loses his high-powered job. In an attempt to put food on the table, she gets a job as a janitor at the Federal Reserve Bank. But when Bridget sees how millions of old bills are destroyed daily, she hatches a plan to steal the worn out money she thinks nobody would miss. To pull off the heist without getting caught she convinces two fellow employees, Nina (Queen Latifah) the shredder and Jackie (Katie Holmes) the carter, to help her.

What we thought of it:

In a consumerist world, there's one thing that ties us all together: Money. Glenn Gers' perky script flirts with the widely held belief that money makes the world go round. In sparkly windows manufacturers create pretty displays with pretty lights and pretty things. And we all want pretty things. So we're suckered into a crater of debt and a lifetime of installments.

Director Callie Khouri (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) doesn't allow this fun story to be weighed down by moral debates about our consumerist nature. But Mad Money is better off without serious musings.

Gers and Khouri create likeable characters with troubles you'll relate to. Diane Keaton is glamorously Machiavellian as the suburban criminal mastermind Bridget, who has never worn latex gloves or scrubbed a toilet in her life. Keaton has mastered the frenetic matriarch act over the years and is one of the best comedic actresses of her generation, bringing a comical housewife-turned-bank robber to life. Queen Latifah's character Nina brings a sober reality check to a plot that could've snowballed into ridiculousness – the level-headed single-mother attempts to be the voice of reason.

Katie Holmes isn't as impressive as the ditzy Jackie, coming across flat and fake. It doesn't feel like her character was thought out properly, but it's nice that Tom permitted her to leave the house and let her hair down, no matter how chemically permed it may be.

Ultimately Mad Money is a ladies' Ocean's 11, 12, and 13 – minus the hi-tech set-ups, of course. It might not be the best of heist movies, but it's perfect for an enjoyable girls' night out.

- Megan Kakora

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In this enjoyable chick flick caper, three Federal Reserve Bank employees put aside their social differences to rob their employer of millions of dollars.

Puleng 2008/05/03 7:51 PM
mad maney this movie is so Queen Latifah. if you watched "set it off", you dont have to watchit. the only difference is that they dont get shot
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