Meet the Robinsons

2007-07-05 09:42
What it’s about:

Orphan boy Lewis has a keen interest in inventing things that nearly work, but his vivid imagination and mishaps often get in the way of his being adopted. But one day he invents a memory machine, which attracts unexpected attention in the form of a teenage boy and a bowler-hatted man… from the future.

What we thought of it:

As with any story involving time travel, Meet the Robinsons is full of problematic leaps of faith, wild coincidences and flashy special effects. Take those for granted, and enjoy the punch lines in the script – some of which are laugh out loud hilarious – and you’ll be rewarded with a sweet, but not-too-saccharine movie.

What could be funnier than a T-Rex that can’t get to its prey because its head’s too big (we understand this because it complains to its master in a subtitled monster drawl)? Or a food fight at the family table that turns into and old-school Kung Fu movie exchange? What about a main villain that has a personal folder with a My Little Pony cover?

The humour is a little hit and miss though, bordering on the surreal in some parts, and falling into rudimentary slapstick in others. Perhaps the best example of the middle ground is a completely throwaway one-two joke:
“Hey why’s your dog wearing glasses?”
“Because his insurance won’t pay for contacts!” Ba-da boom, dush, pull a funny face, and you’re outta here.

That said, Meet the Robinsons is very sweet-natured, and lives up to its obvious morality (it’s a Disney movie, after all). Also the typical hidden gems are there. Look out for quick cameos and references to other Disney/Pixar films

The movie is the debut feature for Disney’s re-activated in-house animation studio. It’s a fair success, and gets the House of Mouse back on track when it comes to modern family features. This is a film that takes what Pixar taught Disney, and cuts out the sugary fairy-tale sentimentalities of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and the like. It’s a nod in many respects to the legacy of the old man Walt. As if to say: “We lost our way there for a while, old man, but we’re back on it now.”

And they are. Perhaps because Pixar honcho John Lasseter still carries a production credit. Perhaps because Disney finally remembered that careful characterisation is, above all, what makes animated features work. Or perhaps it’s just because between the seven people credited with writing the thing, someone was taking notes. For all its overbearing energy and enthusiasm, it’s hard not to like the movie.

- Anton Marshall
Disney minus Pixar is a big gamble, but the Mouse House pulls off a sweet story with several laugh out loud moments.

Fayruz 2007/04/14 9:17 AM
Feel-good fun I didn't know what age group this was being pitched at, but it didn't matter as it was just such fun. It had a genuine vintage Disney "feel" despite its futuristic premise. Time travel has been done to death, one might think, but the fresh spin on it was delightful. The animation was charming, the colours freshly vivid, the storyline convoluted but still easy to follow. I may have enjoyed it more than the children I accompanied, if only because they were a little small and found some scenes "scary"! So take the older kids and have a ball. It's light years from Snow White, but just as charming without being twee. Disney still rocks (and no, I don't work for anyone in the business!).
lukas van Huyssteen 2007/04/20 1:41 PM
Give aways Please send us any give aways like a t-shirt and cap. I also want competitions and a magazine about all type of films that will be shown.
lukas van Huyssteen 2007/04/20 1:42 PM
Give aways Please send us any give aways like a t-shirt and cap. I also want competitions and a magazine about all type of films that will be shown.
marilize 2008/07/17 2:06 PM
meet the robinsons My son an I watched the movie, as he had to do a review on a movie for a school project. He is the same age as Lewis in the movie. Lewis has made sucfh an impact on my son, that a definite change can be seen in my son, such as determination and an overall confidence. A great movie which has really meant something to our family! A definite must see!!
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