Mr Bean's Holiday

2007-07-08 17:21
What it’s about:

Beloved TV character Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is trotted out for another big screen adventure. He wins an all-expenses-paid holiday in Cannes at a church raffle, and sets off to soak up some sun on the beaches of the Riviera. Naturally, chaos follows him, and before long he has lost his luggage, been implicated in kidnapping, and makes a surprise appearance at the film festival.

What we thought of it:

Mr Bean was one of those characters that were brilliantly suited to short skits. Barely ever speaking, he was able to entertain for 15 minutes purely with his hilarious face-pulling and imaginative physical comedy. He managed to make a borderline lunatic and social outcast endearing, as he muddled his way through mundane, everyday life.

Mr Bean’s holiday is more faithful to the original idea of Mr. Bean, than the Hollywood style comedy of the first film (Bean), but it still suffers from the major problem that it is a short comic sketch stretched out to feature length. Every single joke has also been done before (and better) in the Mr. Bean TV series, and the whole thing is stale to the point of outright boredom.

The farcical plot is nothing more than a frame to set up a series of jokes that usually default to Rowan Atkinson’s limber facial expressions, and the supporting cast more often than not seems uncomfortable or ashamed to be there.

There are a few funny scenes, like the one that has Mr Bean miming to opera in front of puzzled onlookers, and the scene in which his holiday video is accompanied by a pompous narration courtesy of art director Carson Clay (when did Willem Dafoe lose his mind?). These few gems stand out starkly against all mediocre rest. In fact, they more than suggest that you are better off getting up, walking out, and renting a Mr Bean DVD of the original show.

The bottom line is that this film is just a shameless attempt to rake in some cash by rehashing an old TV show, for the second time. If you love Mr Bean, you’re far better sticking with rewatching the series, and if you’re looking for something to take the kids to, there are plenty of better options. Avoid spending money on this rubbish, or it will just encourage them.

- Ivan Sadler
Looking for laughs? Eat a can of baked beans and light a match. You'll get more value for money.

Tommie 2007/03/31 9:52 AM
Mr. Bean and all other movies Heck, whoever does your movie reviews must be one helluva genius in the field of critizism , ALL the movies gets cracked down to be a load of nonsence,i am not a movie maker but have been involved in judging new South African movies back in the eighties with AA life and Mnet Vita awards, it is an enormous task to produce a movie, and costly, a lot of hard work goes into it by very dedicated people, The comments given by whoever does your reviews must be detremental to the movie industry because every movie is judged as a piece of brown smelly stuff that no one would bother to go and see, goodness ease up a bit !!! keep your comments to yourself let the people go see the movie and judge for themselves, the space on the homepage can be used for something more informative and constructive... Go judge something else like Dafodils in the desert.
Ray 2007/03/31 10:03 AM
Mr Bean on Holiday I happened to have seen the movie 'Mr Bean on Holiday' and concede that it was not cinema at its best, but what is?? Mutilation, foul language and high screen fidelity noise?? Anyway Mr Bean managed to get the full house of guests laughin and enjoying the stupidity, so maybe that is what we need. To break away from all negativity and stop and laugh at silliness. The sound of laughter makes the movie a success. So from me you get ***** just for achieving that. Thanks to the producers - and guess what kids will understand and enjoy it.. Focus sir focus!!!
Lily 2007/03/31 10:32 AM
Mr. Bean I am a definite no-no Mr. Bean fan, but hey, my hubby and kids totally LOVES him. I always walks out if there is a Mr Bean movie on, but for the love of my Hubby and Kids I won't take away there laughter. I think that we should leave people to watch whatever they want. If you don't like it keep your judgment for yourself. Our "Non-Mr Bean lovers" can always go to the next entrance at the Cinema while our loved ones enjoy their favorite Mr. Bean!
Reg 2007/03/31 1:20 PM
Mr Bean lives again Of course Mr Bean has done those skits before ... name one comic in or off film who hasnt ! I suppose even Charlie Chaplin had his critics. How many movies draw from others for material, afterall there are few themes that havent been covered. If Mr Bean was a cash-in exercise we would have seen a movie every year. I have watched my collection of the original Mr Bean series many times and they are still hilarious. In a fresh setting as this movie is I'm certain it will be the same. This time Ivan I beg to differ.
hendrik Booyens 2007/03/31 1:56 PM
Good film other words for it
Peter Theodorou 2007/03/31 2:45 PM
Mr. Bean I do agree with the last writer that a critic is another human with his own likes and dislikes. Therefoire I never take any critic's opinion in matters such as movies, plays or music. I will be the judge of if it is Good or Bad. So the so called 'critics' are a waste of time.
Myk 2007/03/31 6:12 PM
Mr Bean's holiday This critic is so soaked in today's violent movies he has lost the ability to relax and laugh at imaginative situations, any movies he rates as funny I would avoid paying money for, go back to watching 'bilge water'. All movies are from the imagination of the producer if they are not reality movies.
Nicole 2007/03/31 7:32 PM
Mr. Bean's Holiday I absolutly loved Mr. Bean'd Holiday. It was so cool! I reccomend it
Solet 2007/03/31 8:32 PM
9 year olds love Bean I went to see Mr. Bean's holiday last night with my 9 year old son and got to great shows for the price of one: Mr. Bean's performance was great but even better was my son's. He was falling of the chair laughing so much. Please do take your children, they will have a great time!!
Stefano di Trapani 2007/03/31 9:42 PM
Ivan Sadler Myk says that Ivan is "soaked in today's violent movies", WRONG! he disliked 300 too - I just think Ivan dislikes movies in general. Maybe someone that enjoys movies should rate them!
Lulu 2007/03/31 10:54 PM
Mr Bean's Holiday OK for 10 year olds,but really not worth watching. BORING! Mr Bean must stick to short acts!
DJ 2007/04/01 12:19 AM
Pillock All this guy can say is "I have a carrot in my as*, thats why I cant enjoy movies" dude, stop being a pillock and let other people make up theire own minds...It is funny if you have a sense of humour
Gerda 2007/04/01 5:18 PM
Take the kids I must agree that it is a must to take the kids, I took 2 8/9 year olds and a 5 year old and they had a blast, loved it! The humour that kids loved, funny faces, silly eating habits etc etc...Maybe that's why Ivan did not like it.
Ivan 2007/04/02 9:52 AM
I hate everything I wish people would stop giving me stick for giving a film a bad review. It is just my opinion. I have given decent-excellent reviews to at least half the films I've reviewed for this site, and as a reviewer, it's my job to point out when a film is weak, so you, the public, don't waste your money. I urge people to make up their own minds, and I try to give justification for all the points in my review, so people can judge whether they agree with me or not, and decide whether they will probably enjoy the film.
dustin 2007/04/02 7:42 PM
leave ivan alone! (Ivan for president!) do they expect u to like every movie? i wonder why they call u a critic? C'mon people, grow up. read his review, take it in, watch the movie... but don't crit the critic, crit the movie!
ZIGGYT 2007/04/05 8:24 AM
mr bean look never watch the movie yet, but telling you i saw some shorts, mr bean always make the excellent movie that takes audience laugh lungs out, mr bean is great
Rene 2007/04/05 10:43 AM
Are you kidding? Mr. Bean is only funny if you have the mind and intellect of a six year old. Give my dry comedy the likes of "My Family" any day. This is my opinion of Mr. Bean and NOT of Ivan, Ivan you are doing a great job, keep it up!
Robin 2007/04/05 11:02 AM
Always space for new Not seen the movie, but know Beans style. There will always be new, young people coming of age where they will experience Bean for the first time. Us oldies have seen it all before, but the youngsters not. So it will certainly be a good movie for the uninitiated, let them go see it. And the die-hard fans, enjoy what you're familiar with. We all read cartoons in the newspaper, and have a chuckle, they're as repetative as th emost stuck record in the universe, but none-the-less still entertain.
JP 2007/04/05 12:58 PM
Not a fan If you are not a fan of someone, you wont like anything they do. For instance, obviosly Ivan is not a fan of Mr Bean, so he wont like Mr Bean movies no matter how good they are. Same with Casper de Vries, if you are not a Casper fan, no matter what you will not like his shows!
Kerry 2007/04/05 12:58 PM
Ivan Your opinion isn't everything Ivan
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