Mrs. Ratcliffe's Revolution

2008-12-12 16:50

She left the land of Marks & Spencer and went to the world of Marx and Lenin. Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution is a feel-good comedy following one dysfunctional family's journey from 1968 West Yorkshire to 19 below freezing East Germany and back again.

Mr Ratcliffe fought for the cause, but his wife fought for their family: a teenage sex goddess, and a twelve year old communist spy. Will Mr Ratcliffe throw away his party card and fall in love with his brave new wife?

Here's what the critics had to say:

"One of the better British comedies we’ve seen this year."
- Helen OHara, Empire Magazine

"Enjoyable comedy drama with a sharp script and superb performances, though it loses its focus towards the end."
- Matthew Turner, ViewLondon

"Although the plot frays slightly at the edges, it all comes together eventually."
- Stella Papamichael, BBC Movies

"There's the kernel of a good idea here but it's let down by weak writing (the occasional sharp line is a welcome relief) and some pretty dire acting"
- Tim Evans, Sky Movies

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