My Best Friend's Girl

2008-12-12 11:33
My Best Friend's Girl
What it's about:

Tank (Dane Cook) is the guy other guys hire to help them get their ex-girlfriends back. Not a matchmaker in the traditional sense, Tank's method involves taking said girl on the worst date of her life so that she ends up running back to the guy she dumped when she realises how good she had it. But things get complicated when Tank's roommate Dustin (Jason Biggs) needs his services after Alexis (Kate Hudson) rejects him, and the sparks fly between Tank and his new target.

What we thought of it:

There comes a point where some Hollywood stars need to rethink their career paths. And that point has certainly come and gone for Kate Hudson. So long considered the heir to Julia Roberts' "America's Sweetheart" title, Hudson surely has wrenched all the worth out of that dubious honour, starring as the object of affection for a parade of hapless hunks ever since her breakout in Almost Famous, to the point that she is now a parody of herself.

But her "people" will have you believe that My Best Friend's Girl is something of a departure for Hudson – because she swears like a sailor and has copious amounts of raunchy sex in it. Well, they're lying, because this movie only marks a new low for the once-promising starlet, while the profanity and decidedly un-raunchy sex only come off looking desperate and cheap.

Amazingly, Hudson doesn't falter nearly as badly as her co-stars, or the sex-obsessed frat boy who conceived of this poor excuse for a sex comedy. Dane Cook (who he?) is inexplicably cast in the lead as the "anti-Cupid" Tank, whom he plays with such a smug swagger, you have to wonder who died and made him the new Matthew McConaughey (another of Hudson's on-screen conquests… twice!)

Tank is meant to be a bit of a bastard. How else is he supposed to be any good at turning women off so that they return to their ex-boyfriends? But Cook is unable to filter his character's bastard-factor – and as a result, Tank has zero redeeming qualities – he really is just a disgusting loser who sees women as nothing but objects he can penetrate. At Alexis' sister’s wedding, Tank realises that Alexis is falling for his unique "charm" and has to quickly devise a plan to make her hate him instead. And so, he goes about teaching a group of eight-year-old boys how to fake an orgasm, gets drunk and throws up all over the bride before propositioning her mother for oral sex in full view of guests.

The reasons for Tank's personality defects are explained by the introduction of his father (played by Alec Baldwin), a college professor of women's studies who is even more of a chauvinist than his son (oh, the irony! etc, etc). Baldwin enjoys some jaw-droppingly dirty dialogue with Cook and seems to relish the role so much, he comes closest to raising a chuckle. Albeit a guilty one. That's because just about all the "jokes" come at the expense of the poor female folk who have the dishonour of sharing their world with men as shallow and sleazy as these.

The climate is ripe for irreverent sex comedies. How else do you explain the massive success of writer-producer Judd Apatow and his cast of horny no-hopers in Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Superbad? But My Best Friend's Girl (what a lazy, dull title) doesn't come close to achieving an ounce of their magical wit and biting humour. Instead it's the movie equivalent of societal de-evolution, and that's just about as scary a prospect as you can get.

The movie's greatest achievement has been the now-infamous (and very funny) rant from Cook on his MySpace blog, lampooning the studio's marketing department for their ham-fisted work on the movie's promotional poster. Here, at least, this unlikely leading man has made a valid point. If only he'd exerted as much comedic effort where it really mattered…

- Shaheema Barodien

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Misogynistic, crude and utterly devoid of humour, My Best Friend's Girl is the anti-romantic comedy for sex-obsessed guys only. So that would be all guys, then...

Ryan 2008/10/03 7:52 AM
Crude is not the word - worse title please? I cannot stand movies of this 'nature'!! I am a guy and it's movies of this vulgar content that give some of us who treally try hard to be good men a bad name and we get classed with 'sub-human' characters on the screen!! This is the reason why woman say, "men are all the same". So glad my wife knows who I am & what she's got and appreciates me for it! I wish these 'actors' could get a life, coz they adding fuel to fire in someone elses!
Cindy Lancaster 2008/10/03 9:30 AM
The review is the worst I have read I think your review is utter BS, I saw the movie last night and it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is down to earth and exactly the way people are and the way people talk.... I laughed so much I missed half the movie and the rest of the people in the movie house, which was full, seemed to be doing the same. I am now definately going to see it again, just so I can hear and see the parts I missed..... get and adult to review these movies. And I am a woman and I loved it, it has nothing to do with who you are or what you are, it is about being able to see yourself in that movie and that is why people are not liking it, THE TRUTH HURTS GUYS, why not lighten up and enjoy the ride, it was such fun!!!!!!
Charmaine 2008/10/03 11:49 AM
Not great I saw this movie on a Ster Kinekor "Chick Flick" night. Most definitely NOT a chick flick. It wasn't the worst movie I have ever seen, but not great either. A bit old and tired, some of the themes in it. I would have waited for it on Dvd, when there was ABSOLUTELY nothing else to watch...
Adri 2008/10/03 11:50 AM
I agree with Cindy I think it is an excellent movie..!!! Im woman too... I have already seen it twice
J.Mort 2008/10/03 12:10 PM
Agree with reviewer Oh Cindy, you obviously don’t read much then. Do you actually know people who speak and behave like this? Or has too much movie watching screwed your perception of reality? This movie is a WASTE of TIME. Nowhere near the kind of LMAO dirty comedy in the Judd Apatow movies. Hells, even Don’t Mess with the damn Zohan was better than this crap.
zoosh 2008/10/03 1:00 PM
sounds awful egads! i saw the trailer and dont want to go near this thing! Cindy and your ilk - get off the couch, get out of your popcorn filled seats and............get a life!!!! great write like a star.
Lloyd 2008/10/03 1:22 PM
fix grammar please I can't believe something as poorly written as this managed to be passed of as news by mweb. I sincerely hope movie reviewers are not all going to be offended by movies which do not agree with their personal opinions, as movies are intended as light relief.
piet 2008/10/03 1:40 PM
one sided view I have read your movie reviews before and you criticize excellent movies. Just because it might be offensive to you or boring to you, doesn’t mean other’s won’t enjoy it. We’re not looking for a “How to lose a guy in ten days” quality flick every time we go see a movie. I saw the trailer and I like Dane Cook’s movies. Although it is a bit shallow, IT’S A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, IT WILL BE SHALLOW!!!
Cynthia 2008/10/03 1:52 PM
Oy Well, I am a woman and these kind of movies don't interest me at all!!! Soppy, sentimental, emotional movies just not my thing. Really don't like it. Give me a proper comedy or action or thriller or anything really besides the same old sentimental movies. Emensely boring.
Reed 2008/10/03 1:58 PM
Balls Weird how so many people have an opinion even though they haven’t seen the movie yet! Yes, its entertainment but its doesn’t have to treat us like idiots – which this movie definitely does (ja, I watched it). And this review is just one person’s opinion, reviews are never done by committee! jeez people. Don’t take it so personally!
Dave 2008/10/03 1:59 PM
My Best Friends Girl I can only imagine the reviewer grew up in a closeted environment, and is probably the antithesis of Kate Hudson, who is very funny extremely beautiful and incredibly sexy, keep chewing the samosas and other comfort foods Shaheema
Larry The Logician 2008/10/03 2:35 PM
do the math All you haters, do the math. If the reviewer is an idiot, so do 40% of the other posters on this thread. I'm not going to decide which has better taste, the 60 or the 40 percent, but I know which has better manners...
Ashley K 2008/10/03 2:51 PM
My Best Friends Girl - One to avoid. I’d compare this movie to Superbad or Knocked Up or American Pie as well. But at least those movies were funny and portrayed women as intelligent as well as sexy and attractive. The responses from the males here are so typical – of course a woman would be so easily offended by this movie coz they’re so closeted, prissy, etc. Dane Cook was in another rubbish ‘comedy’ called Good Luck Chuck which also portrayed women as weakling sex objects. Crap movies attract crap actors
Philip 2008/10/03 3:35 PM
Loosing the plot Common Guys. We go to movies to be entertained. We either cry or laugh or just plain bored. Who cares who the actors are. My wife took me to see the movie last night and I laughed so much I forgot about the stress. Its an adult movie for obvious reasons and if you cannot handle the obvious, get off your bottom and leave the movie house. Its your choice.
Tim 2008/10/06 9:10 AM
Ummm Dane Cook is a very sucessful stand up comedian. A quick google search would have helped out out there. Prepared to sit through a movie you feel denigrates your entire gender but too lazy to research your article...
Judy 2008/10/06 9:35 AM
Reality The reviewer of this article is a prude and out of touch with reality. I'm a woman and I didn't find this movie offensive at all. I found it very entertaining. If some women allow themselves to be treated like crap then that's their problem. The rest of us, like Alexis, will continue to hold our own. The truth is that there are men out there like Tank and it's also true that women can enjoy "copious amounts of raunchy sex" with a man just because she wants to. Dane Cook is very sexy. Go back to your feminist prose Shaheema or get a life!
Odette 2008/10/06 10:33 AM
Missing the point of reviews It always amuses me that so many people miss the point of a review and immediately opt to respond by insulting the reviewer.
Angelique 2008/10/06 12:12 PM
Watch it for yourself People, just go and watch this movie and make your own conclusion. I thought it was a good comedy, and maybe some of us quite enjoy the occasional vulgarity and find it entertaining, and if some people don't then they should not watch movies like these and maybe stick to safer PG-13 movies.
Unhappy 2008/10/06 1:52 PM
Horrible I agree with this review, I watched this movie with the idea it would be a laid back romantic comedy. It turned out to be down right raunchy. Very low of Kate Hudson, like you mentioned its unnecessarily crude. Totally hated it. I walked out!!!
Honey 2008/10/06 2:05 PM
Different I watched this movie with one of my friends expecting it to be one of those typical boy meets girl..chick flicks... but right from the begining it was far from that. We were so impressed with the movie that we insisted our boyfriends watch it. I think it is great that movies are changing and evolving with the times. And hey its a major bonus because now, guys can also watch new age "chick flicks"! I think its awesome! and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to go grow up because the sceens were not that crude, but directed rather tastefully!!!
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