New in Town

2009-03-09 16:26

What it’s about:

Lucy Hill (Zellweger) is a single, high-powered executive on the fast track to becoming a CEO in Miami. With her spiked heels, plush bachelorette pad, and fierce collection of power suits, Lucy is unprepared when her boss sends her to snowy Minnesota to work on-site at one of the company's factories. Reluctantly Lucy lands in New Ulm, a small town distinguished by a thick Midwestern accent, a strong work ethic, and an appropriately skeptical attitude towards big-city newcomers like Lucy, who finds herself in a brutal battle against several factory workers, a nosy assistant named Blanche (Siobhan Fallon), and stubborn union rep Ted (Harry Connick Jr.).

What we thought about it:

If you’re a hopeless romantic then drag your significant other to see this film. Zellweger is perhaps best known for her role as Bridget Jones and channels that same cute Miss Independent, I-can-do-whatever-a-man-can-do attitude to show the people of Minnesota and her bosses in Miami that indeed she can get the job done.

Despite her horrible hairstyle and hilariously unsexy duck-waddle manner of walking, she fulfills her duty as a 21st century romantic heroine pretty well. Adding to the effect is that other romcom prerequisite, the hot hunk - and that Connick Jr. Don’t expect to see Harry and Renee exhibit love at first sight.

Connick Jr. plays his role well as the head of the worker’s union standing up for what he believes and doing all that he can to ensure the safety of his town, his people and his heart. He is so good at playing the romantic that you’d be cold-hearted not to fall for his adorability and ability to sweep any girl off her feet (okay, so I confess I’m a romantic at heart).

The movie highlights life in a small town and how big corporations tend to disregard the little people who are easily overlooked but instrumental to the health of large companies.

The movie is a no-thinker and its predictability makes its enjoyable in true romcom fashion. Disappointing is Ted's lack of fatherly affection for his daughter as he priorotises the town’s problems. Also Zellwegger’s bad hair makes it really hard for you to take her seriously and want to accept her as the high powered exec that she is. The oversized bob is so 80s, it's not even funny.

However, if love is looking a bit on the glum then this movie will remind you love does win in the end.

Renee Zellweger stars opposite Harry Connick Jr. in this snow-packed romantic comedy.

Pheadra Farah 2009/03/11 10:50 AM
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You clearly know little about high powered hairdos. The bob is the quintessential classic look of a high powered exec. Classics, no matter how old, never go out of fashion.
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