2007-08-02 16:46
What it’s about:

A tender-hearted wimp named Norbit (Eddie Murphy) marries a violent, monstrous woman named Rasputia (Eddie Murphy in a wig and a fat suit) despite the warnings of his grumpy old foster father Mr Wong (Eddie Murphy again). But when his childhood sweetheart Kate (Thandie Newton) returns to town, Norbit begin to regret his decision.

What we thought of it:

Eddie Murphy has talent, and not just the kind of talent that lets you play half the characters in a film, or the kind that earns you an Oscar nomination. Buried deep inside Murphy is the sort of 1000 degree wit that made comics like Richard Prior and Red Foxx such legends. Back in the ‘80s with his Raw show, Murphy was dangerous, you got the feeling he could say anything. Nowadays he’ll say anything all right, as long as it earns him a fat pay cheque.

It was bad enough when he was wasting his talent on crass rubbish like The Nutty Professor and Daddy Day Care, but at least those movies were sweet-centred family fare. Norbit on the other hand is as mean-spirited as it is aggressive. The simpering title character exists merely to act as a foil to the movie’s real reason for being – Rasputia.

It’s a kind of genius is a way. With a single character Eddie Murphy and his brother and co-writer Charlie have made it ok to laugh at fat people, to hate opinionated women, and to spout all the racist, sexist and misogynist filth they can dream up. It’s ok because Rasputia is so obviously the villain, right? Wrong. It’s actually “ok” because, deep down, we always enjoy a bit of hate with our comedy. When Rasputia finally gets what she deserves, we’re all thinking “Yeah! That’ll teach you, you fat bitch!”

At least that’s what the Murphy brothers are betting on, anyway. And that’s where the real tragedy of this story lies. It’s not in the waste of great actors like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Thandie Newton on paper-thin characters. It’s not even in the offensive racial stereotypes (blacks, Italians, Jews – everyone gets a kick). It’s in the fact that the once passionate Eddie Murphy has become a cynic. For all her shock value, Rasputia is nothing new, just a variation on one of mankind’s oldest and cruellest forms of entertainment – the freak show.

- Alistair Fairweather
What do an obese woman; a grouchy old man and a simpering wimp have in common? They're all in Norbit, they're all played by Eddie Murphy, and not one of them is remotely funny.

Thandie 2007/04/15 1:13 PM
bad movie I was looking forward to watching the movie and while the movie was playing,i was disappointed. I did not see anything fun or comic about the movie. The fat suit thing has been done so many times that its not funnie anymore. The movie i not with all the hype that it is getting.
Gerri 2007/04/15 5:53 PM
NORBIT I don't even think that I will waste my time with this one. I saw the trailer and tere as nothing that grabbed me. I think making fun of obese people is morbid, and shows no respect and consideration. I wish the world would stop, and having someone like Murphy doing it, is so uncool. What messages and examples are we teaching our children?
Tshepo 2007/04/15 6:47 PM
horrible! I think Eddie must just quit!
Lea Ann 2007/04/15 9:14 PM
ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Eddie Murphy is just so unfunny in Norbit, it should not be classfied as comedy. WARNING!! Only watch if gun is being held to head. Utter rubbish and a waste of time.
Priya:Good Movie 2007/04/19 1:20 PM
Norbit I saw the trailer a few weeks ago and really wanted to watch it. When i watched it last night , i couldn't stop laughing. It was really funny and i really enjoyed it. I would recommend anyone to watch this movie, it has a story and laughter.
COOLIN 2007/04/20 1:31 PM
jean-petit ngoy 2007/04/24 3:58 PM
Eddie is Great I think Eddie is a Great actor and comedian but this one to be fair is again one of the best of Murphy. I Will want to see it. Eddie is trying to show how the socalled "fats" can be proud of their bodies.
seema 2007/04/26 3:01 PM
mental / moral state - in tact? Just watching the trailer repulsed me enough to post nmy opinion. I agree entirely with the review and share the same opinion about eddie murphy and the message of the film. with the world trying to raise an awareness and the dangers of eating disorders and obesity one wonders how such a morally challenging, vulgar and obscene movie like this could even have been made! as i mom i would NEVER allow my family to watch a movie that offers NO intellectual or moral stimulation, not in the times and society we live in. And this is "family entertainment" !!!????
Su Quinn 2007/04/30 12:46 PM
Norbit B for Boring. Seen 1 EM movie, seen em all.
Kelly-Ann 2007/05/10 4:19 PM
norbit !!! CRAP !!! glad i did not take my own money to pay for that movie. complete waste of film if you ask me. would rather watch paint dry
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