Ocean's 13

2007-09-04 17:25
What it’s about:

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is angry. His mentor, Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), has just been cheated out of all his money by a ruthless casino owner named Willy Bank (Al Pacino). Even worse, the shock has given poor old Rube a heart attack. So Danny calls together the rest of the original eleven, along with a couple of new compadres. Their mission? To hit Bank where it hurts most – his pocket and his reputation.

What we thought of it:

There’s nothing better than being in on the joke. That’s the whole reason heist movies exist - so we can hang around with the cool kids and watch them do naughty stuff. Of course the "joke" actually has to be a good one – deliciously clever and daring – which wasn’t the case with the disappointing Ocean’s 12. Have no fear though, 13 makes up for that turkey, and even comes close to topping the first film.

Of course jokes are always much more fun when they’re played on people that really deserve them. In this case we have the incomparable Al Pacino as a money-grubbing, perfectionistic egomaniac named (ha ha) Willy Bank. He makes the villain from the first two movies - Andy Garcia’s icy Terry Benedict - look like a puppy dog. Few actors could take as much relish in such an unlikeable part, but this is Pacino after all. Even so, there are moments when his eyes betray a longing to be on the other side of the cast.

And who wouldn’t? As cool kids go, you don’t get much cooler on the planet. We’re taking Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney after all, not to mention Don Cheadle, Casey Affleck and Bernie Mac. These guys are cool in 200 countries, and possibly in space, not to mention the fact that they seem to genuinely enjoy being with each other. They’ve also got a new recruit in the eager Eddie Izzard, not to mention finally letting Andy Garcia in on the joke.

Still, it’s not enough for them to just stand around being themselves. They tried that with the second movie and it fell flat. They need some cheeky banter to keep things ticking along, and the screenwriters have really come to the party this time. In fact the banter is so good that the rest of the movie sometimes seems unimportant.

Luckily the heist is a humdinger. The plan this time is to rig all Bank’s games on opening night, clean him out of $500 million, and then get all the punters out of the casino before they can spend it back. And all this without getting caught by the new "unbeatable" artificial intelligence security system. Oh, and then there are the priceless diamonds they have to steal from the impenetrable chamber at the same time. Well, it wouldn’t be fun if it were easy, now would it?

But, funnily enough, that is one of the problems with the film. For all the complicated cons and disastrous setbacks, things go just a little too smoothly. Sure, we want to see them win, but we don’t want to feel like they cheated. The outcome of any Ocean’s film is obviously a forgone conclusion, but we don’t want to feel that while we’re watching it.

It also gets a little too silly at times. Silly can be good, like the hilarious torture inflicted on an unsuspecting hotel critic (played by the wonderful David Paymer). Or the scene where Brad Pitt and George Clooney fight back tears while watching Oprah. But when Matt Damon dons a false nose and starts charming the ladies, things quickly go from silly to stupid.

But these are minor complaints in comparison to the yards and yards of classic entertainment the movie offers. How many other blockbusters can claim to be this clever, funny and good looking, all without breaking a sweat?

- Alistair Fairweather
Back in Vegas and back on track, Ocean's 13 makes the last film seem like a bad dream. Who knew a sequel to a sequel could be so good?

Pholani Ndlovu 2007/06/13 1:36 PM
Ocean's 13 What a wonderful movie, and the guys are on their own class
Brandon 2007/06/13 3:11 PM
Haven't seen it... But a cracking review matey, nice one.
Joey Reddy 2007/06/13 11:06 PM
Funny Saw the movie tonight .That some good one liners besides the ones u mentioned , that part of the 'earth quake' where Matt Damon says - ' you felt that too' - or Clooney telling Brad to 'have kids' etc .Light weight entertaining film,that is busy.
Samira 2007/06/14 10:40 AM
Brilliant I thoroughly enjoyed it, I loved the brilliance of the plan, Oh and Brads " Rusty's " ring tone.
Sammy 2007/06/14 10:35 PM
Didn't the Godfather say that? LOVED it! Witty and hilarious and oh, the Eye Candy! I would swear one of Elliott Gould's lines when he was in bed beginning to come around was straight from Marlo Brando's in the Godfather, in bed after he had been shot. Something about him hearing all the noise and talking and people coming and going and what does everyone else know that I don't. Rotten paraphrasing, but somebody tell me I'm right. Totally LUCKY 13!!
Aleathia 2007/06/15 3:24 PM
Ocean's 13 I only have three words for Mr Pitt......YUM, YUM, YUM
Maphuti 2007/06/19 10:50 AM
Ms Ocean thirdteen is a great and only wish i could watch the movie everyday!
Emil 2007/06/25 11:12 AM
Very neat Sammy is quite correct in spotting the Corleone reference, and also there is the Andy Garcia link with Godfather 3. The knowing homage to Godfather trilogy, the Sopranos, and the whole 'Shaken Sinatra's hand' schtick runs like a vein through the movie, adding to the fun. I particularly enjoyed the delicious irony of Danny Ocean injunction to Willy Banks (Pacino) when they first meet to discuss whether Reuben's grievance can be settled amicably, part of which is a reprise of Michael Corleone's (Pacino) line to Sollozo when they meet in the Italian restaurant after the failed assassination attempt on Don Corleone. “What I want -- what's most important to me -- is that I have a guarantee: No more attempts on my father's life". We all know what happened to the Turk shortly after that and this reinforces our anticipation that Banks is about to get well and truly stuffed. Pacino took it straight faced; good for him. Verdict: Good score – 8/10
Commenter 2007/06/27 8:10 PM
I hate this reviewer This reviewer sucks. he knows nothing about movies. I work for one of the big theatre companies so it's my duty to attack this reviewer and call him a plagiarist. Actually really dream I could be a reviewer myself. I'm sure I would be better than this guy.
Boikhutso 2007/06/28 11:34 AM
Fabulous Its a pity that i didnt get to watch Oceans 11+12 but i enjoyed what i saw and highly recommend it to everyone.
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