One Missed Call

2008-05-12 08:09
What it's about:

Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) is traumatized when she witnesses the gruesome deaths of two friends just days apart. Even more disturbing, she knows that both of them had received chilling cell phone messages - actual recordings of their own horrifying last moments. The police think Beth is delusional - except for Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns), whose own sister was killed in a freak accident that bears a strange similarity to the deaths of Beth's friends. Together, Jack and Beth work feverishly to unravel the mystery behind the ominous calls.

What the critics say:

"To redial applicable catchphrases, this garbled American remake of Takashi Miike's already staticky 2004 exercise in J-horror is a wrong number."
Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"The direction is uninspired, acting is lifeless, and the script borders on the inept. A PG-13 rating means that it's short on shocks, too."
Richard James Havis, Hollywood Reporter

"Give this call a miss."
Jason Anderson, Globe and Mail

"A brow-furrowing blend of child abuse and adult trauma, Andrew Klavan's screenplay sacrifices coherence for atmosphere at every turn."
Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

"If you missed the first One Missed Call, made in Japan in 2004, you now can miss the American remake."
Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times

"The best part of the movie is the fact that, at a running time of an hour and a half, it's mercifully short."
Philip Marchand, Toronto Star

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A group of young people start receiving voice mails from the future which includes the date, time and details of their deaths.

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