One Night with the King

2007-12-21 13:29
What it's about:
Biblical Old Testament heroine Hadassah (Tiffany Dupont) changes her name to Esther to avoid revealing her Jewish heritage when King Xerxes (Luke Goss) of Persia is seeking a new bride. She is chosen, and grows close to the king, but when an anti-Jewish movement is brought to government by Haman (James Callis), she must choose between her own safety and the safety of her people, as to approach the king unsummoned is punishable by death.

What it's about:
Just when it seemed like biblical movies were due for a makeover, thanks to Mel Gibson's torture porn stylings in The Passion of the Christ, One Night with the King lands at our cinemas with little in the way of fanfare. Sadly, all this film delivers is second-rate Hallmark schmaltz and tedium, and both in great quantities.

This is the Old Testament filtered through the rose coloured glasses of Walt Disney; the story has been drained of all drama and tension. Esther looks and speaks like she just stepped out of The Princess Diaries, which contrasts rather badly with veteran actors like Omar Sharif and Peter O Toole. Even Luke Goss gives his best shot at delivering his lines with the gravity befitting an epic, but sadly, when Esther speaks to a sparkling butterfly and dances merrily in a garden, the illusion is shattered.

Battlestar Galactica's James Callis is almost menacing as the vengeful Haman, but without ever seeing him even slap another person his evil has to be conveyed through a weak script. The Old Testament tale is full of bloodshed and no action, but there's little to see in the film version.

This film is rubbish, pure and simple. It is slow and dull. Worse still, it not very subtly punts the message that some people are born bad because of their heritage and religion, which is sickening.

- Ivan Sadler

Jewish Esther is picked to marry the Persian king, and has to choose between her own safety and the safety of her people when a strong anti-Jewish movement is started in the government.

Tanya 2007/09/16 4:32 PM
One Night with the King It is sad and I believe that the only reason your giving "One Night with the King" one "STAR"!!!!!! It is because it's a Christian movie and Jewish. I am working for a Christian TV station.. I already saw clips and parts. I is ganna be a great movie. I think it is one of the best. You will enjoy the movie..........
John Hamilton 2007/09/16 10:17 PM
One Night with the King While I admit it is probably longer than necessary, it is a true life story of great courage and well presented.
Type GERRIT your name here 2007/09/23 4:07 PM
Ayanda 2007/09/26 1:30 PM
One Night With The King I watched the movie and I thought that it was well done.As a Christian my only concern was that in a move to make Christian movies/books as appealing as possible, movie producers and book writers sometimes lose the message and do not relay the biblical account precisely.That is sad because the Bible is a book that needs no fine tuning.It's messages are clear and real.Otherwise GREAT movie!!As good as the book that it's based on!!
Christine 2007/09/28 6:22 PM
One Night With The King I thought it was a great movie, can't wait to get it on dvd to watch over and over! Tiffany Dupont did great, we need more Christian movies! And where did you get that nonsense that the movie "not very subtly punts the message that some people are born bad because of their heritage and religion"?? The movie did not do that, it merely stated that revenge in this case was carried over from generation to generation. You totally missed the point. That is sad. And saying that Passion of the Christ had torture porn stylings just show that you are not equipped to review movies.
Reens 2007/09/29 12:01 PM
One night with the King I am saddened by the review that you wrote. i agree that the movie may be a bit long, but it is definitely worth watching. it does not portray that you are born evil because of your heritage or religion. not to mention the even more infuriating comment about haman's evil nature. why should he slap someone to show he is evil. being evil is in your mind as well, not only your actions. he should not have had to physically maim and kill and destroy to show that. (is that all you want to see in movies now?? physical violence that overshadows all else. this was meant to be a good, moral, uplifting story of victory and all you have done by your comments is make it sound like some form of torture!!) that was a very silly comment made by someone who is ignorant and clearly not capable of writing an UNBIASED review. by your comments one can assume you are not a christian or a Jew and its almost as if you do not accept those who are for who they are and who and what they believe in. you are purel
Reens 2007/09/29 12:04 PM
Finsihing the review you are purely taking stabs at the movie because of your personal beliefs. i am not suggesting that a christian or a jew should have reviewed the movie, i am merely suggesting that someone with a more open mind and a more accepting attitude towards people's beliefs whould have been more appropriate. to those who rea this... GO WATCH THE MOVIE
Ivan 2007/10/01 1:54 PM
One night with the king Everyone is defending this film on the base that it is a christian movie. It was bad because it was long, the lead actress was irritating, and the cgi and effects were poor, compared to today's standards. As for the message of hatred, Haman was cast as the villain from the outset with no chance of redemption, and was portrayed as being evil, because he was born of a certain tribe - people usually call that racism in this day and age.
suzanne 2007/10/09 3:05 PM
One Night with the King From a critical point of veiw I think the movie was fantasic it was not done like a cheap b-grade movie and I was quite relieved to watch a movie that does not have me cringing because of the fowel language and semi porn scenes
suzanne 2007/10/09 3:29 PM
one night with the king what is protraided in this movie is historical fact not just in the bible also what about all those movies that portray all priest as child molesters, all the bad movies of the templar knights, the crusades religion does not make peole bad or evil people are just evil and have their own selfish desires i think that if you reveiw the movie you must base it on facts but not get personal because it hit a nerve or is just to close to home, if the shoe fits wear it !!!!!
Hester 2008/07/04 3:35 PM
One night with the King Haman was portrayed as an evil individual, not as guilty due to race or religion. What twaddle you have written in this review. Please stick to the facts and an informed viewer's reactions and keep your vicious prejudices to yourself.
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