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2010-04-12 18:08

What it's about:

John Vlismas, one of South-Africa’s most creative international comics, joins forces with a diverse line-up of South Africa’s top stand-up comedians to produce what can be described as the first and best stand up movie to come from these shores. Fearturing Mark Banks, Loyiso Gola, Barry Hilton, Riaad Moosa, Joey Rasdien and Krijay Govender, Outrageous remains true to its title. Showing behind the scenes banter, the intimate first warm-up show in Melville’s smoky Cool Runnings and the grand finale in front of a thousand plus crowd at Carnival City, Outrageous reveals all the sweat, the guts and the glory that comes with being a stand-up performer.

What we thought:

Not having any preconceived ideas or expectations about this film, the very first thought that sprang to mind was that this is Pablo Francisco, but on acid, which is awesome, for those of us who can stomach it, of course. Oh, and if you did expect something like Jeff Dunham’s Spark of Insanity, or if you can’t handle hearing the "f" word more than twice in one sentence, surprise surprise!

Producers Anant Singh and Helena Spring, acclaimed for films like Yesterday, Jozi and Cry, the Beloved Country, team up with John Vlismas to produce an in-depth, entertaining and revelatory film. They show us how Outrageous, the brainchild of John Vlismas, was born: from the initial phone call, the choice of comedians, the first sit-down, the discussions and the planning right through to the execution. Director Bevan Cullinan gives us a glimpse into the psyche of comedians, what inspires them, what motivates them and what ultimately makes them tick. He manages to draw the audience into the adrenaline rush, the hype, the nerves and the sweat which is an exhilarating experience to say the least.

This film includes one of the heaviest stand-up comedy line-ups ever and this is also the very first time all of them are seen in one show, on one stage, together. The result: an explosive, diverse mixture of funny that will make your abs beg for mercy! Oh yes, if you think your Pilates instructor is evil, think again.

MC John Vlismas, known for his controversial and outspoken humour, entertains with his obsessive sex banter, or as Mark Banks puts it, his obsession with one specific word (hint: it rhymes with "block"). Barry Hilton, who doesn’t need any introduction, really impresses with his hilarious facial expressions and his ability to suck the humour out of any situation, leaving behind only the skin and the bones.

Being the only female comedian in the film, Krijay Govender, better known for her roles in Isidingo and Backstage, really leaves one in awe. Her performance stands out as one of the cleaner ones. She doesn’t need crass humour or foul language to be funny, she just is.

To highlight every moment would take forever. So, Loyiso Gola’s very authentic coloured accent, Joey Rasdien’s obvious hate of Australians, Riaad Moosa’s hilarious Paris Hilton and Obama impersonations and Mark Banks’ impeccable Englishness all serve as highlights in this must-see film.

What describes you the best?
a.)    I can see the humour and laugh at my own culture without taking offence
b.)    I am not afraid of the word "sex" or other related terms
c.)    I don’t cringe each time I hear the "f" word
d.)    All of the above
e.)    None of the above

If your answer is a, b ,c or d, this film is a must see. If your answer is e, then stay away.

From Cape coloured accents to Afrikaner prudes and bacon-eating Muslims, Outrageous challenges all preconceptions and kicks conservatism out the door.

my_cousinnnn 2010/04/13 11:37
There are some really exciting things happening in SA comedy at the moment. Barry Hilton isn't one of them. I'd want to see the film if he wasn't in it but I can't stand his tired old "my cousinnnn" act.
W 2010/04/13 13:05
John Vlismas is an ass, all he does is swear. Come on get real dude.
Dolly 2010/04/13 14:35
Why is Humour only funny if they use the f--word ? Can't they keep it clean, but still be funny ? Don't think I will be seeing this movie !
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