2008-03-31 14:02
What it's about:

On Christmas Eve, Angela (Rachel Nichols) is the last one left at the office, determined to close one more deal before the holiday. The long hours she keeps will have an impact, but not the kind she's been hoping for. If Angela wants to live to see Christmas morning, she must find a way to escape from level P2 of the parking garage.

What the critics say:

"Cheerfully manipulative, P2 is the kind of movie that invites audiences to yell back at the screen and cheer."
Mike Mayo, Washington Post

"The majority of [director Khalfoun's] chase and fight scenes are so artlessly staged that they render suspense moot."
Jason McBride, Globe and Mail

"Swift and stealthy P2 is a canny exploitation of one of the urban woman's greatest fears: the after-hours parking garage."
Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

"This is one of those thrillers where the person on-screen is often the only person in the theater who can't guess what'll happen next."
Kyle Smith, New York Post

"A minimalist and unimaginative horror thriller."
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter
A corporate climber gets stuck working late on Christmas Eve and finds herself the target of an unhinged security guard.

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