P.S. I Love You

2008-04-11 11:25
What it's about:

Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) has a near perfect marriage, but she doesn't fully appreciate it. And when her cute Irish husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) dies of a brain tumour, life as she knows it comes to an end. Her harsh, cynical mother Patricia (Kathy Bates) together with her friends Denise (Lisa Kudrow) and Sharon (Gina Gershon) try to lull her out of her three week denial-inspired retreat on her 30th birthday when a cake with a tape recorded message from Gerry arrives telling her to go out and "celebrate herself". Letters from Gerry continue to arrive with instructions, taking her to Ireland on a journey of rediscovery.

What we though of it:

Soppy romantic love stories generally leave you with a sense of "That never happens in real life!" And sure, maybe your dead husband won't leave you a year's worth of romantic instructions, but no one wants their love story to turn out like this. Why? Because this movie isn't as predictable as the title might suggest.

Silly coincidences, nostalgic flashbacks and blunt humour manage to deepen the tragedy, and flashbacks don't take place in a soap opera haze. The cinematography is clear and precise, much like Holly's character.

Swank isn't your typical romantic heroine, and although it's evident she puts in a big effort, she just doesn't look the part. However, the pain and bewilderment of the situation is ever-present in her performance. Gerard Butler could be the next Hugh Grant. He has the male romantic lead down pat and he definitely looks the part! Pity we don't see more of him in the film. Harry Connick Jr. steals the show as barman Daniel, dealing rude, unapologetic blows to a woman's already fragile heart. Lisa Kudrow isn't as funny as you'd expect, and the 'gal pal support group' only adds background decoration.

One and a half hours in, you still aren't sure if Holly's moved on, but after another tearful relapse it's evident that no one ever fully recovers from lost love. And that's endearing. Unfortunately, the movie drags a bit towards the end, when big red bows tie together all the loose ends.

Cecelia Ahern's novel is a sincere story, managing to pierce through the pitfalls of a long running-time, clichéd references and the oddly-cast Swank.

- Samantha Brighton
Losing love is painful, but here's a tonic to help you get through it.

Heather 2008/02/14 7:18 AM
Drivel This is without a doubt the worst movie I have seen in twenty years. The script is painful, Hillary Swank can't act and Gerard Butler's "irish" is excruciating. If you want to watch two hours of self indulgence, watch this.
puleng 2008/02/19 1:25 PM
talking to me my friend told me about the movie and i knew i should watch it. the lady Holly is just like me, clinging to the past and cant move on with life. it is a good movie
Lauren 2008/03/08 6:09 PM
PS I Love You Agreed with Heather... worst flick of this year! Hillary Swank should stick to boxing or lesbian movies.. she doesn't fit in this genre at all. Cute story but poorly executed.. a waste of time I would say..
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