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2009-10-30 12:18

What it's about:

Bower (Ben Foster) and Payton (Dennis Quaid) are crewmembers aboard the Pandorum, a deep space craft sent to explore the deepest corners of our galaxy. But when the two astronauts suddenly awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard the seemingly abandoned spacecraft it's pitch black and they are disoriented. The pair can't remember anything - who are they, what their mission is or how they got here. Slowly the spacecraft's deadly secrets are revealed and the two astronauts begin to wonder whether the survival of the entire human race could rest in their own hands - marooned as they are aboard an abandoned spaceship in the dark recess of deep space.

What the critics said:

"Pandorum is a hodge-podge of familiar sci-fi stuff, which feels as if it were adapted from a computer game."
- Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

"After two hours in the dark with this loud but hollow hybrid, you’ll know “space madness”. In a good year for smart sci-fi, Pandorum lumbers and groans."
- Kevin Harley, Total Film

"According to the press notes, pandorum means “Orbital Dysfunctional Syndrome”; whatever that is, by the end of the movie I was convinced I had caught it."
-  Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

"A grizzled Quaid and an intense Foster do their best to keep straight faces, but this is not an effort likely to figure prominently on their resumes."
- Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

"As always, Foster sells the hell out of his role but non-sci-fi fans may well themselves be driven mad long before the end."
-  Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly

A pair of crew members aboard a spaceship wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities.

Preshen govender 2009/11/03 3:16 PM
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If I wanted to see load mouths that don’t know what the F*ck they are doing I will watch Parliament live
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