Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (3D)

2013-08-30 09:36
Percy Jackson
What it's about:

Son of Poseidon Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) feels like his saving of Olympus was a fluke, something which the Clarisse (Leven Rambin), daughter of the god of war, keeps reminding him. When their home, the Half-blood Camp, becomes threatened by Luke, the Lightning Thief, their only salvation is by retrieving the Golden Fleece from the Sea of Monsters.

What we thought:

Percy Jackson gives you what you expect: a fun family movie with enough action and gimmicks to keep the young ones entertained; enough eye-candy to keep the teenagers entertained and a just interesting enough plot line and twist to keep the parents entertained.

Book fans seems to be divided on the accuracy of the second instalment, but it would appear the producers fixed a few things from the first movie, which got a lot of slack for changing major plot points. And so far the changes made didn’t change the major plot line, except for the revival of Kronos, father of the gods.

If you are into Greek mythology, this movie could be for you just to see how the ancient Greek gods and creatures fit into a modernised world. Hermes (Nathan Fillion) messenger of the gods has a thriving courier and postal service and the Fates sisters drive a taxi cab while doling out premonitions. Everyone has to move with the times, even if you are all-powerful.

You can't expect more from the actors than the story line, with nice comedic relief from Brandon T. Jackson who plays Percy’s best friend and satyr Grover, and Lerman suits the role of leading man.

However, Alexandra Daddario, who plays Athena's daughter Annabeth, fails to make the audience care about the tragedy from her past, which is played out heavily in the movie, and her wooden acting makes it seem like she constantly wants to say something but decides against it. Although Annabeth is set to become Percy’s love interest, I was rather rooting for the warring Clarisse who seems to have more oomph.

And if there are any Nathan Fillion fans out there, please watch out for the most amazing Firefly reference in the movie. Fillion is known for his Easter eggs regarding the series, which is known for being cancelled after one season, and although the audience would be too young to get it, it would put a grin on the face of those geeky parents who were dragged to the movie by their 11-year-old.

Where there are gods there are monsters.
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