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Pitch Perfect 2

2015-05-15 14:40

What it's about:

The Barden Bellas are back! This time, they enter into an international competition that no American team has ever won.

What we thought:

In true Bella fashion our entire team went to watch this movie together. And here's what we thought ....

With so many sequels on the movie circuit this year what are the most compelling reasons for another Pitch Perfect movie?

Bronwyn: I think because the first one was so successful it was inevitable that a second would do just as well. The ending of the first one also made me feel like I wanted more so I was excited that there actually would be more, but the sequel hardly measures up to the hype it got.

Herman: After watching the movie I’m kinda wishing they didn’t make the sequel. The first one was so damn good. It was one of those movies you could rewatch a million times and still laugh. I doubt that would be the case with the sequel.

Jamie: I think everyone wanted to know what happens after the Barden Bellas won in the first movie. We also saw Becca becoming the lead Bella so it would be nice to see how the Bellas could be pushed musically (the mash ups in the first one were great). But with that being said I also think I would be okay with just watching the first one over and over again (as I have). There being a sequel is like an added bonus (putting toppings on your already decadent chocolate ice cream).

JM: I think I’ve probably watched the first movie more than 20 times and it’s still funny. So a sequel seemed the way to go after the first movie’s success, it’s just a pity that they didn’t quite pull it off.

Leandra: I am so over sequels! In my opinion it really was not necessary. Pitch Perfect was such an iconic movie when it was released in 2012. And I will be very honest whenever I see it playing on DStv I tune in. It never gets old. I get the feeling that they were just trying to cash in on some big bucks.

This movie is mostly about the singing. Which actress/actor really brought it?

Bronwyn: Anna Kendrick was definitely the voice of reason, she looks so comfortable and in her element. I also quite enjoyed Das Sound Machine, their voices were on point!

Herman: That’s easy. I am a Anna Kendrick fan so she really made the film for me. She’s almost too good for the sequel.

Jamie: I think the whole cast played their own unique, strange and quirky role in the film that made the ensemble gel well. I did think that the smaller roles like the weird Latin girl kept us entertained - with her strange one-liners like being deported or killed in Mexico - she brought some serious LOL moments.

JM: There are so many talented singers in the movie, but the standout for me is Anna Kendrick. She is the leader of the Bellas and she totally brought it! Rebel Wilson also deserves a mention here as she got some solo time which she totally nailed.

Leandra: I know that my teammates will say Anna Kendrick was the star. But for me new Bella, Chrissie Fit who plays Florencia "Flo" Fuentes was the memorable performance. Her role though minor had me LOLing and her offbeat and totally random comments were on point!

Which actress/actor failed to bring it?

Bronwyn: The newcomer, Hailee Steinfeld didn’t do it for me. It felt very awkward and fake and I'm not sure if that was the plan but her attempt at comedy was a poor one. Ester Dean, who plays Cynthia Rose was also a bit of a damper for me. Jokes about her sexuality became repetitive and boring.

Herman: Hailee Steinfeld actually ruined the film for me. I loved her in True Grit but I don’t think comedy is her thing. Her performance felt fake and forced. She got on my nerves throughout the whole movie.

Jamie: Hailee Steinfeld definitely. She was just trying too hard. Too perky, too happy, just TOO over the top. #TakeAPill

JM: Hailee Steinfeld didn’t bring it. I’ve enjoyed her in other movies, but something was just a bit off with her quirky and weird performance.

Leandra: Birgitte Hjort Sorensen who plays Kommissar the co-leader of rival team Das Sound Machine. Her acting was just too overbearing. I get that was her character but I felt that she was trying a bit too hard.

Which song performed in the movie gave you a musical boner?

Bronwyn: I’d say it was more like goosebumps, but the Bellas’ performance of Jessie J’s latest hit Flashlight was pretty good. It had a Sunday choir gospel vibe but is still something I’d sing and dance to in my car.

Herman: I don’t know about a boner – but the Here Comes Santa Clause song with Anna and Snoop Dogg was pretty cool and something different.

Jamie: I know it’s probably the most clichéd one to go with but the famous Cups song (which made us all aware of Anna Kendrick’s amazing voice in the first one) is sung by the whole of the Barden Bellas around a campfire (it was a great and poignant moment in the film).

JM: Basically all of the songs performed in the Riff Off in the rich guy’s basement, specifically the 90s Hip Hop jams!

Leandra: Rebel Wilson’s rendition of We Belong. I’m a 80s music junkie!

Best and worst scenes?

Bronwyn: The best scene by far was the final performance by the Bellas. The way they brought music and history together gave more sentimentality to the movie which I enjoyed. Fat Amy also brought it when she declared her love for Bumper… I’d watch her row her boat all day! The worst scene for me was the pillow fight, merely because it didn’t deliver in terms of what was expected. It all just seemed a little too put on rather than just having good fun with your girlfriends.

Herman: The best scene was probably the sing-off in that rich guy’s basement. The worst was the scene where Fat Amy went on a date. Aca-awkies.

Jamie: I’d say the basement scene was the best scene, with the classic sing-off that brought out old school jams you’ve forgotten about. The worst scene was the whole camp get away scene or rather sub plot. It was not needed and rather an excuse to see what former Barden Bella leader, Aubrey, was up to after she graduated (but who cares).

JM: The best scene is most certainly the Riff Off in the rich guy’s basement. The worst scene was when The Bellas have a pillow fight in their house, I mean come on?!

Leandra: The performance of Flashlight in which they paid homage to Bellas past gave me goosies! The worst scene is that damn pillow fight. It gave off Girls of the Playboy Mansion vibes. Aca-awkward. 

Is this movie only for aca-nerds?

Bronwyn: I wouldn’t say only aca-nerds but they will definitely be the only ones who might watch it twice. While the music is amazing, the movie just isn’t.

Herman: I’m not sure aca-nerds will like this one. It’s not the first movie. They tried hard to repeat the recipe instead of doing something new.

Jamie: I think if you’re a serious Pitch Perfect fan and enjoyed the first one because of the music sequence and mash-ups, then you might be feeling a little disappointed. The movie had a lot of story lines and sub plots this time (with the girls graduating and having more love interests etc) that left me feeling everything was crammed into this sequel (aca-overdose).

JM: I think everyone who enjoyed the first movie should give this one at least one watch, with the emphasis on ONE. That is enough.

Leandra: If you’re into shows like the Sing Off you will definitely LOVE this. Everyone else who enjoyed the first one will like this one but you’ll probably only watch it once.

How many pitch pipes would you award Pitch Perfect 2?

Bronwyn: I’ll give it a toning 2 (see what I did there).

Herman: I’m going to give it 2.

Jamie: 3

JM: 2

Leandra: 2

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