Planet Terror

2008-05-06 17:42
What it's about:

When a chemical weapon is released into the air by a rogue platoon of soldiers, local townsfolk develop grotesque boils and hunger after human flesh. Cherry (Rose McGowan) and Wray (Freddy Rodriguez) lead a small group of survivors who attempt to discover the source of the plague, and escape with their lives.

What we thought of it:

Forget Tarantino's underwhelming Death ProofPlanet Terror is the movie that sci-fi and horror geeks have been waiting for since Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi became the darlings of Hollywood and handed in their blood bags and severed limbs.

Reveling in a mix of absurd humour and in-your-face splatter, Planet Terror pays perfect homage to 70s and 80s horror excess, while keeping its tongue firmly in cheek. Given that it has a much bigger budget than most old B-movies, the higher production values result in a less rushed and more lovingly crafted piece of entertainment. Sprinkled liberally with the kind of details that made movies like The Evil Dead (1981) and Bad Taste (1987) timeless classics, it contains plenty of scenes that will surpass your genre expectations and stick in your memory like throwing knives in a hapless clown.

The characters are pretty much all two dimensional stereotypes, but the cast gives them enough energy to stand out amidst the action and gore. Rose McGowan and Freddy Rodriguez are decent as the fiery action couple leading the party, but special mention must go to Josh Brolin as the sinister Dr. Block and Jeff Fahey as JT, the mad professor style BBQ chef. Both of them add so much colour to supporting roles that they end up stealing every scene they are in.

The biggest triumph of Planet Terror is that it balances Robert Rodriguez's admiration for the films that inspired him with the aim of making an entertaining movie that will blow fans away. There are a few glitches along the way – several deliberately rough cuts for that authentic B-movie feel – but they are easy to overlook in a film this brilliant. A strong contender for the most fun-packed movie of the year.

- Ivan Sadler

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A rogue army unit releases a chemical agent that turns people into flesh eating zombies, while a small group of survivors fight for their lives.

Max 2008/04/03 7:12 PM
Brilliant This is a typical old school horror movie, complete with clichèd acting, gory bloody scenes, severed limbs and platonic relationships. Brilliantly made movie, with some of the best debuts in the industry... Try it, you will love it!! TWO THUMBS UP
Spekkies McPlyster 2008/04/04 1:39 PM
death proof? nuh uh!~ BOO! Death proof was awesome! Can't wait to see this though
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