2006-09-01 18:50


A New York divorcee (Uma Thurman) inadvertently starts dating her therapist's son (David Greenberg), who is 14 years her junior. The couple struggles to contend with their differences and David's traditional Jewish mother (Meryl Streep).


Ravi (Uma Thurman) meets David (Bryan Greenberg) , a 23-year-old painter and recent college graduate with a lot of growing up to do. Age differences aside, the two manage to start a relationship that ends up being deeper than either expected despite being at opposite ends of their prime.

But the real drama starts when Ravi's therapist Lisa (Meryl Streep) also turns out to be David's mother.

Lisa unintentionally discovers that Ravi and David are dating during a session. She decides to keep this knowledge to herself and keep seeing Ravi as a patient despite her uneasiness with the situation. Ravi speaks candidly of her sex life and the admiration she has for her young lover, much to Lisa's discomfort.

Thurman is pure perfection, she was probably genetically engineered to make us mere mortals feel unworthy of sunlight. How can one woman have legs that go on for days and skin so impossibly flawless?

Thurman takes on the role of 37-year-old Ravi Gardet, photography producer, divorcee and New Yorker. As one would imagine with most of New York's upper crust, she sees a therapist regularly to help her iron out the creases in her life.

The role is almost too ordinary for Thurman, who seems more comfortable in superhero and surreal roles, as in Kill Bill and Gattaca.

Greenberg is a relative newcomer, having only had minor roles before, but he manages to hold his own in the presence of two Hollywood greats.

Meryl Streep plays the part of Ravi's Jewish therapist, Dr. Lisa Metzger. Lisa is motherly and passionate about her patients, but even more so about her son to whom she has firmly attached her apron strings.

Streep brings realness to her character; this woman can make you believe in a talking shoebox if she so chooses. She steals the scene every time she's on screen, a magnetic power that draws you to her; you would want her to be your therapist, or your controlling mother.

Yet some scenes feel forced with characters running around trying too hard to be funny. It becomes annoying when you are expected to believe that these levelheaded characters can misunderstand each other and miss communicate so frequently.

One minute they are navigating through life's tricky situations and the next they can't understand simple concepts. The movie tries to be witty, but falls short and ends up being somewhere between jackass comedy and intelligent comedy.

- Ashlin Simpson

A thirty-something divorcee falls for a guy 15 years her junior, who also happens to be her therapist's son. Even Uma "legs-up-to-here" Thurman can't save this shrivelled romantic comedy.

Lauren 2006/04/24 7:42 PM
get rich or die trying totally shit mie yors and ours
Lesley Burger 2006/04/30 12:31 PM
Prime Going to see the movie, looks like lots of fun. Yes, I think so
gadija 2006/05/13 4:10 PM
prime it is an awesome movie i would go and watch it again
stefanie 2006/05/20 3:15 PM
prime i thin this was the funniest and cutest movie i have seen in along time!it wasnt at all forced and the movie really shows how age difference does make a difference.perfect ending!!!!!!!the best part is when Uma falls to the floor in laughs when she finds out Davids roommate is his grandma!!!moments like that make the movie very unforgettable.
JB 2006/09/18 7:52 AM
The worst movie of the year? This was like some kind of workshopped school camp comedy. Not funny, completely unbelieveable... from the trailer to the credits. Actually I lie, I didn't watch the credits. I was so appalled by this film that I actually switched over to TV instead of watching the video I'd just paid for.
Robs 2007/01/12 1:24 PM
Yawn Boring as hell!
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