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2007-02-09 18:10

Based on the Japanese horror movie "Kairo," "Pulse" centers on a group of college students who discover that a computer hacker friend of theirs unwittingly pirated a strange wireless signal that opened a doorway for a terrifying evil to cross over into the world. As it spreads, everyone in its path is consumed, and the students must race to find a way to stop it.

What the critics are saying:

"This techno-themed horror film isn't nearly as scary as watching your computer crash."
- Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

"...he's watched the VHS horrors of Gore Verbinski's The Ring once too often."
- Jamie Russell, BBC Movies

The American version of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pulse mimics the plot fundamentals, but lacks any traces of Mr. Kurosawas creepy minimalism and conceptual rigor.
- Nathan Lee, New York Times

"Sitting through this movie is a joyless chore. Pulse doesn't have one."
- James Berardinelli, ReelViews

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