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Punisher: War Zone

2009-04-24 12:29
What the movie's about:

Infamous vigilante, anti-hero Frank Castle (Ray Stevenson) is six years into his vengeance driven zeal as the Punisher when he brutally assaults a "beat the rap" party for notorious mob boss Gaitano Cesare. During the course of the massacre, he hideously disfigures overeager gangster Billy Russoti (Dominic West) and murders a mafia lackey who turns out to be an undercover FBI agent.

Agent Paul Budiansky (Colin Salmon), the ex-partner of the undercover Fed, joins the NYPD's "Punisher Task Force" to help bring Castle to justice, once and for all.

A facially mutilated Russoti recovers from his run-in with the Punisher with revenge on his mind and recruits a massive army of psychotic killers, gangbangers, and mobsters under his new alias "Jigsaw."

What the critics have to say:

"The punishment doesn’t end there, with anyone who hands over good money to watch this dreck also likely to feel the pain."
- David Edwards, Daily Mirror [UK]

"This is purely gutter, fanboy, Cheez Whiz cinema, but Alexander delivers the goods. "
- Adam Graham, Detroit News

"At one point, the Punisher is asked who punishes him. The better question for those who made this inane bloodfest is: Why punish us?"
- Claudia Puig, USA Today

"This awful sequel dispenses with any such pretense, its cartoonish characters running an endless gauntlet of hypergruesome violence."
- J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

After hunting down and killing hundreds of violent criminals, Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, faces his most deadly foe yet: Jigsaw.

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