Rabbit Hole

2011-04-01 14:59
What it's about:

Becca and Howie Corbett are returning to their everyday existence in the wake of a shocking, sudden loss. Just eight months ago, they were a happy suburban family with everything they wanted. Now, they are caught in a maze of memory, longing, guilt, recrimination, sarcasm and tightly controlled rage from which they cannot escape.

While Becca finds pain in the familiar, Howie finds comfort. The shifts come in abrupt, unforeseen moments. Becca hesitantly opens up to her opinionated, but loving mother, and secretly reaches out to the teenager involved in the accident that changed everything, while Howie lashes out and imagines solace with another woman. Yet, as off track as they are, the couple keeps trying to find their way back to a life that still holds the potential for beauty, laughter and happiness. The resulting journey is an intimate glimpse into two people learning to re-engage each other and their world, which has been tilted off its axis.

What the critics thought:

"Nicole Kidman does her best work in years in a film that at times is almost unbearably authentic."
- Richard Roeper, Richard Roeper.com

"There's a lot of beauty to be mined from that depressing-sounding scenario, thanks to well-drawn characters, impeccable performances, and sensitive direction."
- Eric D. Snider, Film.com

"Eckhart works close to the top of his range here - Howie is a guy's guy ill-equipped to fight something he can't see - but Kidman simply goes above and beyond."
- Ty Burr, Boston Globe

Nicole Kidman does her best work in years in a film about a happy family who suffer an unimaginable loss.

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