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Resident Evil: Extinction

2008-01-10 16:40
What it's about:

The third installment of the Resident Evil movie franchise based on the popular game sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) traveling with a caravan across a zombie infested desert landscape on her way to Alaska. Dr Isaacs (Iain Glen) and the Umbrella Corporation attempt to track and eventually capture her for use in genetic experiments to cure the zombie virus. Things go horribly wrong when Dr Isaacs creates a strain of super zombies to wipe out the caravan, so he can use Alice as a guinea pig in a twisted experiment.

What we thought of it:

As much as I enjoy dodgy horror films, there is very little to recommend in any of the Resident Evil trilogy, and Extinction is the worst of the lot. It starts like a post-apocalyptic road movie, and it isn't long before Alice is high kicking zombies and rednecks in bullet time, while flexing her newfound psychic powers in a mediocre display of small budget special effects. Yawn.

The biggest problem with Resident Evil is that it's second rate in every aspect, because it's being marketed on the back of a popular PS2 game and doesn't need to deliver anything as an actual film.

It fails as a scary horror because it's too much like a 90-minute episode of some crappy Sci-Fi channel show with barely a PG rating. You can forget the gore and zombie action too. It's too cheap to be a spectacular sci-fi action like The Matrix, and the writing is too sloppy for it to be witty or humorous. The bottom line is that it's the cinematic equivalent of a stick of chewing gum that missed the step in the production process where the flavour is added.

Even worse than that, there's some really awful digital filtering/soft focus on about half of the shots of Milla Jovovich, which makes her look even more like a shop window dummy than usual, and really smacks you in the face with how fake this really is.

If you enjoyed the other Resident Evil movies, then maybe you'd enjoy this one too. Other than that, there can't possibly be an audience for something this dull and predictable, can there?

- Ivan Sadler
The evil Umbrella Corporation tracks Alice as she heads to Alaska with a group of survivors from the Raccoon City zombie attack. Genetic engineer Dr Isaacs needs Alice's blood for a vaccine against the zombie virus.

Daz 2007/10/18 1:17 PM
Resident Evil- Saved by soundtrack The only saving grace for this movie is the soundtrack, with the song New World by Emigrate (founder member of Rammstein) really kicking ass. Good metal soundtrack
hermann 2007/10/25 5:34 PM
my 1 cents Its not about the effects but about the evolution and bad scenarios people find themselves and what they do to get out of it. 3 is ok but let it stop now already.
Faraaz 2007/10/31 12:37 PM
Resident Evil:Extinction Howsit this is Faraaz I personally think this movie was not bad at all. It has all that the Resident Evil game Fans were looking for in the If the musics to loud you're too old......!" Me and all my friends enjoyed the movie. ...Take care guys.
Allan 2007/11/01 8:59 AM
Not that bad Its not quite as bad as Ivan makes it out to be...i like hot chicks ands mind numbing action
Naresh 2007/11/05 7:16 AM
Resident Evil:Extinction The effects are not toooo extreme. but the story goes smoothly also i dont know where the people in second part went and how she becaame allone and all with all the gagets accqrie. over all the movie is nice to watch in theaters adn have really heavy metal and sound effects are really stunning....................... and the camera really moves from wide angle looks really nice............... i think there should be the fourth parts also with more alice and more power........ she looks really nice in that role and acted really like alice keep it up. thank you
Burt 2007/11/23 8:07 AM
Resident Evil:Extinction It seems that most of the non standard movies that Ivan Sandler has reviewed he has attacked, I personally enjoyed Extinction and found it to be a average end for a trilogy. The fact that these types of movies aren't made for the majority of viewers does not make it a bad movie. I'll give it a 4/5.
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