Revving Their Way to Heaven

2006-03-30 11:58

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is the long awaited sequel to the biggest action-adventure, comedy hit of 2000. Inspired by the phenomenally popular 1970s television series, Full Throttle reunites Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu as the indomitable trio of crime-fighting heroines.

In Full Throttle the Angels go undercover to retrieve two missing titanium rings. But these are no ordinary rings. They conceal encrypted information about the location and identity of every person in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

When witnesses start turning up dead, only the Angels can save the day. Using their expertise as masters of disguise, espionage and martial arts, they track down and confront the perpetrator, a mysterious 'fallen' Angel (Demi Moore).

What the critics are saying:

"...Charlie's Angels was a huge hit and if you loved the first you'll love this too. But it amounts to cinema for goldfish, so empty that even the makers can't remember what happened five seconds ago."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi

"The failure of Full Throttle is that McG and his stars have mistaken having a good time making a movie for making a good movie."
- Rob Blackwelder, SPLICEDwire

"The frames are constantly packed, which lessens cohesion, and with all the "throttle" your senses are somewhat deadened, but it's so fun to watch these post-feminist gals do their stuff, you'll be sucked in by the sheer spectacle of the thing."
- Kim Morgan,

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is high speed, high-octane fun without a hint of seriousness. The plot may be as wispy as candyfloss, but the gorgeous visuals and mischievous energy make for a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.

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