Rumor Has It

2006-03-30 13:28

What if you discovered that part of your family history had become a major motion picture classic? And what if that movie was The Graduate (in which a young man is seduced by Mrs Robinson, his girlfriend's mother). And what if you began to suspect your grandmother was Mrs Robinson, just shortly after you got engaged to a man who seems to be just perfect with you?

And then, what if you went in search of your possible father, your mother's seduced boyfriend, who is not your official father, and found yourself in bed with him. And then suspected once again that he might be your father?


This film should have been called Who's Your Daddy? It's an unofficial sequel to The Graduate that seems more like a rather drawn out miniseries at times. Luckily, it's like a very amusing drawn out miniseries.

Jennifer Aniston, the lithe-limbed, good girlish former Friends star is perfect for the role of small town daughter gone New Yorker, now struggling to cut it in journalism, but whose writing is still relegated to the obituaries pages.

Shirley MacClaine drags out her standard naughty grandma act while Mena Suvari is painfully pretty, playing the stressed younger sister around whose wedding the opening act of the film revolves. Costner is lovely - his own horrible self-directed productions have only helped to highlight how attractive he can be in the capable hands of others. Aniston is charming, adorable and natural - all the things that made her the favourite on Friends - the big screen brings out a dash of subtlety to her acting that a sitcom just wouldn't have room for.

The problem is, the chemistry between Aniston and her future husband, played in whipped dog style by Mark Ruffalo, is virtually zero. What fun loving audiences will keep wishing is that Jen would just stay the bad girl for once and for all, and shack up with the millionaire playboy. He's got charm and style and sex appeal. It's doubtful he's her father. He looks way too young and handsome.

This urge to have her do the wrong thing is probably more a result of boredom with a rather meandering plot that leads from one tear jerking scene to another. Tear jerking for Aniston at least - there's much mandatory bawling in lifts, bedrooms, doorways, etc.

Lost plot forgiven, generously sprinkled laughs and strong acting make this a highly enjoyable ride, best sampled with a fizzy drink and an extra large popcorn. It's a feel-good film that wastes a very exciting premise. If the Rumor Has It had gone much deeper and darker, it would have made us laugh a lot harder.

- Jean Barker

Imagine you found out your grandmother was the real Mrs Robinson from The Graduate? See Jennifer Aniston at her adorable best in this rom-com meets detective story.

Paseka 2005/12/26 9:12 PM
Whos your daddy It was Ok Arewe there yet!!!!
Sandy 2006/01/06 4:21 PM
I Liked it I quite liked it - although i was kind of hoping that Jennifer Aniston would run off with Kevin Costner!!!!! Before Sunrise & the sequel Before Sunset
m93a 2006/01/18 3:04 PM
Good fun I dont think there will be any Oscars but overall it is a great film that I enjoyed very much. Good entertainment value! Yes
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