Saw IV

2008-03-31 14:02
What it's about:

Saw IV kicks off with the autopsy of the notorious previous killer Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), and a cassette is discovered in his stomach. Minutes later, at a different location, new victims are fighting for their lives in a deadly trap. Investigator Rigg (Lyriq Bent) is drawn into the deadly games, while FBI agent Strahm (Scott Peterson) pursues the new killer.

What we thought of it:

Saw IV follows on directly from the previous film, and because of some very sketchy storytelling it helps a little if you've seen Saw III. The opening scene of IV is a graphic autopsy of the original jigsaw killer, which indicates the level of gratuitous gore that will soon follow – and gore is what you're probably paying to see.

The Saw movies and their improbable traps and torture contraptions are all about the "Would you rather do this horrible thing to yourself, or that horrible thing… you know, like if some guy had a gun to your head?" question. There was a certain moral question in the original film about whether the "victims" deserved their grisly punishments, but that has long since been replaced by a sequence of lovingly constructed set pieces of mutilation and dismemberment. Anyone who tries to tell you that there's anything deep about this is either a liar or an idiot.

So what do we have? A passable horror that is very thin on plot, but fast paced enough to keep your attention off the inconsistencies and ridiculous bits for the most part. There's a bit of irritating music video type style quick cut editing, but not enough for you to expect Marilyn Manson to appear at any moment.

Saw IV will give you your fix in the recent drought of horror movies, but then you could also wait to rent it, or watch it on e-tv a year down the line. Basically, it's just the third sequel to the poor man's version of Seven.

- Ivan Sadler
More deadly puzzles and gore from a new killer that carries on the legacy of the recently deceased Jigsaw killer.

Mindlo 2008/01/16 8:54 AM
Research I thought the First Saw was something refreshing and a bit genius in a low budget way. It was more raw but less gore and when the sequesls came it became more bloody and soppy. I expected the last to be some kind of redeemer to the franchise but from what i've just read, and the sequels can attest to this, its now a snuff movie wannabe...
AndyC 2008/01/16 9:49 AM
WHY WHY!! I harldy ever agree with a review from Ivan, but after the third movie came out I had to sya why bother. Now a fourth, please stop it. They are terrible.
chanel 2008/01/16 10:18 AM
SAW was great I have to say from the resent films brought out on horrors. Saw had to be the best one, i watched all of them so far, and i cant wait to watch the new one. I will have to ce if it would be as great or sh*tty as everyone says. But every one to theire own. We have to admit, the horrors that are comming out now are a bit on the longing side of things. And it does make it intresting to c who takes his reign of terror further. But i will chat again as soon as i have seen the fourth.
jaco 2008/01/16 11:59 AM
sawiv you seen one you seen them all
Sharlene 2008/01/16 3:21 PM
No No No I have seen all the saw movies up till now and enjoyed the 1st one the most. I love horror movies, but can't there be a different class for these sort of movies, and this can include wrong turn and hostel. They are a blood and gore fest. Horror is supposed to be scary, maybe even supernaturally so ( Give me pet cemetary any time) Makes me wonder about the murders committed where excessive torture is involved - have these people watched movies of this sort. No thanks, I'm not going to be watching Saw 4, or wrong turn 2 (which according to my 15 year old daughter is fantastic - and then she proceeded to tell me how graphic it all is - ugh)
Steve 2008/01/16 4:22 PM
Can't wait The Saw trilogy is brilliant!! Can't wait for IV. As always the first was the best, but the other two were good enough. I'm just hoping IV isn't a let down as the shockingly bad Hostel2 was.
Nick 2008/01/16 6:58 PM
why???? the saw franchise is pathetic!!! when i heard they were making a sequel 2 the 1st one i laughed and now i still can't believe that they have signed on 2 make saw 5 and 6 hahaha.... when are they gonna stop!!!!!!
Von 2008/01/24 4:58 PM
BRILLIANT! I love SAW, all of them have been awesome. To me it is the greatest, Saw 1 was the best, the others just as good. Phychological horrors is so cool. Cant wait to see the 4th one.
dustin 2008/01/28 3:38 PM
why???? again why do people even watch this crap.
thandi 2008/01/30 2:17 PM
i cant wait i have seen all the saw mivies and i think they all great i cant wait for aw IV its real horror for me
T 2008/02/06 4:41 PM
Hostil This was a cool movie. Saw 1 was good, but teh acting at the end was seriously bad. the graphics in Hostil was good, and so was the lead actor. With Hostil, seing the pain being inflicted on others made me feel it too. Ther should be a new Hostil movie.
darkangel 2008/02/07 11:41 AM
Saw 4 - Brilliant Okay, I have been called many things, but an idiot and liar not! I did find deeper things. For one, it made me question to what extent I would go if my loved ones got hurt (especially in this messed up country). There is a lot of gore, but that is part and parcel of the Saw franchise. I am a fan of the series and thus feel a little (actually, a lot) offended by Ivan's review and the way he 'personally attacks' those who see deeper things. It's normally a sign of someone who choses to attack character rather than admit he has no facts to substantiate. If you are a true fan of this franchise, and have religiously followed the storyline from Saw 1, Saw 4 will be awesome in the sense that all three previous ones are brought together and tied up in this one. I've booked my tickets for 1408, but after reading this review from Ivan, and comparing it to the review he gave on 1408, I'm not so sure I'm 'bright' enough to appreciate it. One thing to be kept in mind, people's tastes differ
darkangel 2008/02/07 11:42 AM
Saw 4 - Brilliant - continues If you don't like chocolate, it doesn't make you stupid. If you don't like gore-filled horror movies, the only thing it makes you when you watch it, is questionable. Why watch something if you don't like the genre / style in the first place?
Bokkie 2008/02/12 2:07 PM
Saw is briljant Dustin, miskien is jy net bang vir rillers???? Ek het nog nie saw 4 gesien nie, maar kan nie wag dat dit op dvd uitkom nie. Ek het 1-3 baie geniet. Ek is mal oor rillers.
Maria 2008/11/24 11:03 AM
SAW!V Personally loved SAW IV and please Ivan ..if you have issues with something do not make a general comment about it ...and also targetting individuals that love whatever ..rather comment on something and keep the negative comments to yourself...
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