2006-03-30 12:14

You don't throw a whole life away just 'cause it's banged up a little.

It is a story that inspired a nation...and one that almost didn't happen.

It is the story of a country whose dreams had been shattered...and the people who found a hero in an average horse that could achieve the unthinkable.

It is the story of three lost men - Johnny "Red" Pollard (Tobey Maguire), a young man whose spirit had been broken; Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges), a millionaire who lost everything; and Tom Smith (Chris Cooper), a cowboy whose world was vanishing - who found each other and discovered hope in an unlikely place.

The odds were incredible.

The dream was impossible...

And somehow, it actually happened.

From acclaimed filmmaker Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Dave) comes the motion picture adaptation of the story that transfixed a nation from one of the most beloved and widely-read non-fiction books of the past decade: Seabiscuit.

What the critics are saying:

"Ross veers fatally off course. The end result is as flatulent as an old nag, and stinks almost as bad."
- Stella Papamichael, BBCi

" to its source, it's a glorified show pony. Hillenbrand's "Seabiscuit" is for the ages. Ross' version is designed to last only until the next Oscar season rolls around."
- Charles Taylor, Salon

"...rose-tinted, skin-deep and wrinkle-free -- more cotton candy than cutting edge. But how do you not love Seabiscuit...?"
- Peter Travers, RollingStone

The true story of a legendary horse that inspired a nation, Gary Ross's film version pales in comparison to the non-fiction book on which it is based.

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