Seeking Justice

2012-01-27 08:27
What it's about:

Popular high school teacher Will Gerard lives a life of content domesticity with his beautiful musician wife, Laura. That is, until one night's horrific events turns their world upside-down.

After Laura is violently attacked and left traumatised in hospital, Will is approached by a well-dressed stranger offering to dispense immediate justice to the attacker and save the couple from an emotionally traumatic trial. Distraught, Will accepts the proposal, but soon learns that justice comes at a price.

A visceral action thriller with unexpected twists, the film questions the lengths a man will go to seek his vengeance.

What the critics thought:

"In a career marked with sporadic hits among many misses, and despite initial promise, Seeking Justice falls firmly into the latter category." - James Luxford, The National

"Without the ambition to ever do anything more, Justice is a lacklustre, low-grade thriller that you'd be disappointed by had it not set its standards so cripplingly low." - Sam Bathe, Fan The Fire

"The plot trudges from A to B with zero surprises, while the excitement goes from the middling to the mind-numbing." - David Edwards, Daily Mirror [UK]

"Boring and objectionable in equal measure, Justice is badly written, poorly conceived and doesn't even offer the saving grace of a bonkers Nic Cage performance." - Matthew Turner, ViewLondon

Justice has a price.

Elina Maleho 2012/02/09 3:07 PM
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