Sex and the City: The Movie

2008-11-04 10:06
What it's about:

It's three years since Big (Chris Noth) brought Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) back home to New York from Paris and the two are in couple bliss. All seems to be going well for the rest of the girls with Samantha (Kim Cattrall) moving to Hollywood to promote Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod's (Jason Lewis) career, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) happily raising her adopted daughter with husband Harry (Evan Handler) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) living in Brooklyn with Steve (David Eigenberg) and their son Brady. But will the four best friends really get their happy endings? Can Big and Carrie stay together? Can Samantha remain faithful to Smith? Will Charlotte and Harry finally conceive successfully? And can Miranda and Steve's marriage survive the true test of fidelity?

What we thought of it:

It's a pretty big gamble adapting a hit television series to film. So often original casting is thrown out the window, zero character development occurs or traits are simply distorted and story lines are far off point from the original idea. But who else is better suited to write the script, produce the project and direct the film than the man who wrote, directed and produced episodes of the TV series? Michael Patrick King does well to remain faithful to the long-running HBO series, not venturing far from the spirit of the characters that women (and quite a few men) across the globe fell in love with.

Fans will be surprised by a domesticated Samantha, but will also recognise her longtime struggle with monogamy. Miranda is still the 18-hour-a-day lawyer, but is no longer as self-centered as she balances motherhood, marriage and work. Sweet Charlotte's good nature never falters, but she shows a dark side never before seen – there's an especially shocking confrontation midway. And Carrie still reflects on love and her "colourful" relationship with Big, but with a little less naivety.

The actresses are looking a bit old, but hey, it has been 10 years since Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon first enlightened us with their relationship escapades. And their weathered look does in some way authenticate the story as their age plays quite a big part in the movie's storyline.

However, there are a few gaps in the transition from small screen to big screen. Gay best friend Stanford Blatch (Willie Garson) doesn't play much of a role and Smith Jerrod doesn't enjoy much screen time (sorry ladies). But some secrets are finally revealed: we learn Big's actual name and discover Samantha's real age.

At the same time that old characters are ditched, we are introduced to new ones. Jennifer Hudson is a gem as Carrie's assistant Louise, proving she's more than a Dreamgirl. We aren't afforded the pleasure of watching her sing on screen, but listen out for her powerful single "All Dressed in Love" in the final scene.

And what would Sex and the City be without the avant-garde fashion? Almost every grand couturier gets a plug, from Christian Lacroix to Vivienne Westwood, Chanel to Balenciaga, Christian Dior to Oscar de la Renta, and of course no Sex adventure would be complete without its staple Manolo Blahnik. Series costume designer Patricia Field returns to dress the cast in fabulous fashions and doesn't miss a stitch.

If you've, like so many, assumed that once you've seen the trailer you know the entire plot, you're wrong. Sure it gives away a bit of the basic story line (specifically relating to Carrie and Big's "big day"), but much more is explored throughout the more than two hour running time. Like the TV series, the film explores the bond of friendship, what makes it and what breaks it, and how a woman can never have too many shoes or too much closet space.

Sex and the City might not be the "WOW" fans were expecting, but it's an endearing ode to the television series, and when the final credits role, sadly you realise that it truly is the last we'll see of Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie.

- Megan Kakora

* If you find yourself watching with a male companion or a non-SATC convert, don't be too surprised if they don't share your excitement. Sex and City is best watched with your SATC faithful girlfriends at your side.

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Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte return and continue their search for their happily ever after. The film adaptation is delightfully funny, but not spectacularly so.

Nokukhanya 2008/05/30 10:58 AM
Miss I havent seen the movie, but Im an SATC devotee.Cant wait to see it
Sinako 2008/05/30 3:17 PM
SATC I can't wait to see it!The ladies and I are dressing up in true Carrie and the gang style and hitting the Cosmopolitans after the show!
loraine chisholm 2008/05/30 4:00 PM
Sex and the City I was lucky enough to watch the preview thanx to 5fm on Wednesday. What can I say, but that i thourghly enjoyed the movie. Excellent.
Mariette 2008/05/30 5:05 PM
FAB FAB FAB I would give it 5*'s We laughed and cried throughout the movie and at the end it our whole group thought it not lived up to our expectations but exceeded them. Fab movie to see with the girls!
Karen Morrice 2008/05/30 5:58 PM
Sex And The City Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just made me realise how much I missed the show! Felt quite sad at the end of it all to think that's me had my very last fix!! I don't think anyone who is a true follower of SATC will be at ALL disappointed!!! What a group of gals!! x
sin yi 2008/05/31 7:34 PM
SEX AND THE CITY OMG i cant wait til it come out i luv ti so much
pearl 2008/06/01 6:38 PM
this friday
Julianna 2008/06/02 8:52 AM
WOW Saw the movie and it was fab! Any true SATC fan will love it...I think the review seriously missed the plot!
M 2008/06/03 12:17 PM
Nice review but... Any true SATC fan will know that Mr. Big's name was revealed in the final episode of the show. As Carrie walks down the road, Big calls her and we see his name on her caller ID.
Natasha 2008/06/05 1:35 PM
Sex and the city!!!! I really enjoyed the film. I unfortunately didn't see much of the series except the end of the last season but The film was brilliant. I'm definately buying the DVD when it comes out.
Andre Jardim 2008/06/05 2:54 PM
Sex & The City I find it amazing that reviewers give this film such poor ratings - 3/5 does not do ANY justice to what is a essentially a SUPERB adaptation of a very popular, and very funny series onto the big screen. I watched it in Malta when it was on preview, in a massive packed cinemahouse. There was so much laughter and tears from everyone. And at the end the crowd stood and applauded. I would say that if you are a SATC fan, you will love and thoroughly enjoy the movie, and even if you are not a major fan, but have seen some of the series, do yourself a favour and go and watch it! It really is a great feel-good comedy!
Nidia 2008/06/09 7:55 AM
EXCELLENT I really really enjoyed the film, it is a superb adaptation of the tv series. I highly recomended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE BOSS 2008/06/20 9:48 AM
puleng 2008/06/30 6:54 PM
sex and the city had i known that it has explicit sex scenes, i could have gone alone, not with my sister
Tash 2008/07/14 11:48 AM
Great finale For those HUGE Sex and the city fans, like myself, I thought it was an absolutely brilliant ending to the entire series. I had male company watching this movie (who were not fans of SATC), and they enjoyed it as well. I will definately buy the DVD.
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