Shall We Dance

2006-03-30 12:51

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Chicago lawyer John Clark (Richard Gere) knows his life is almost perfect. He loves his beautiful wife (Susan Sarandon), he's built a successful career and raised two wonderful kids. And yet his days always seem to follow the same routine, the commute is a grind and his family is usually too busy to spend time together.

Sometimes John wonders if this is all there is to life, until one evening on his way home from work he gets off his train and does the unthinkable. Without telling a soul, he secretly dares to act on a dream that's been burning inside of him - and signs up for dance lessons.

Suddenly, John is thrust into a whole new world - of motion, music, camaraderie and passion. As this very serious man becomes literally light on his feet, his whole life, and marriage, transforms.

What the critics are saying:

"It's shamelessly direct in its emotional targeting, but in a gentle, inoffensive way that will appeal to viewers who prefer the old storytelling formulas to the more sensationalistic contemporary approach."
- Todd McCarthy, Variety

"Takes a small, exquisite Japanese movie and turns it into a big, stupid American movie. Still, it must be said that as glossy and overproduced as the thing is, it's a good Big Stupid American movie."
- Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

"There are so many appealing performers in Shall We Dance? that it's a crime the director, Peter Chelsom, and the screenwriter, Audrey Wells, haven't given them more to do."
- Charles Taylor,

An unpretentious feel-good movie about a man rediscovering his joie de vivre through ballroom dancing lessons. It may not be as subtle as the exquisite Japanese original, but it's still well worth watching.

Amanda 2005/01/23 6:07 PM
Shall we dance What a welcome bit of fresh air in the almost sickening madness of sex, violence and profanity that everyone refers to as good movies. I am not easily moved by a movie, but this one touched my heart for the deaper meaning that flows from this man's extraordinary way of trying to catch hold of a life that is slipping into an almost senseless routine of doing the same things over and over again. It will disappoint those who are expecting a heated love affair and betrayal of the bond of marriage. Excellent! Taxi
Louise van der Merwe 2005/01/24 8:19 AM
Shall we Dance I thought the movie was wholesome, in the sense that it uplifted family and marriage. I believe it was incredibly realistic, as most of us now days get into a rut. We have nearly everthing we need, but yet we yearn for something greater. It taught me to be more grateful for what I have & that I hold the key to my own happiness & success! Hope to see more motivational movies that inspire us! I rated it 4, as they did blaspheme, which I did not approve of.
BOB SWIEGELAAR 2005/01/27 9:32 PM
Yvonne 2005/02/16 1:51 PM
Shall we dance Took my mom to see the movie as she did ball room dancing in her younger days and she thouroughly enjoyed it.There was no swearing and other unneccesary offensive bits in. It was an sweet story about one man's decision to do something for himself and how his decision has a positive ripple effect on all that he comes into contact with and leaves everyone feeling great and still had fun without being soppy!!!Not just a girlie movie! Heartly
Sue Whaits 2005/02/28 10:16 PM
Shall we dance? Brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyable. So nice to enjoy a movie that is not negative, full of violence and bad language Absolutely
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