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Shoot 'Em Up

2007-12-21 13:30

What it's about:

Bad ass sharp shooter with a troubled past, Smith (Clive Owen), steps in to protect a heavily pregnant woman being chased by an assassin. In the ensuing shoot out the baby is born, and Smith rescues and defends it as hired killers stalk his every step. With the aid of good hearted prostitute Donna Quintano (Monica Bellucci), Smith tries to uncover the reason the sadistic killer Hertz (Paul Giamatti) and his goons are hunting him.

What we think about it:

Do you like guns? Do you like a body count that numbers in the hundreds? Do you like a hero so bad ass he can kill a man with a raw carrot? Do you like a villain so twisted he will feel up a corpse while he talks to his wife on the telephone? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then this film is for you. If not, go and see something heart warming starring Diane Keaton.

Shoot 'Em Up is for connoisseurs of action, and of film. Mixing Kill Bill era Tarantino with pre-castration John Woo, director Michael Davis treats you to a film so ludicrously over the top (but so amusing) your mind will be left racing and your trigger finger twitching.

Milking plenty of laughs from the thin dialogue, as well as a funny recurring Bugs Bunny motif, it treads the line between comic ultra violence and tongue in cheek gangster cool like Snatch. There is not a single wasted moment, and when the bullets stop flying it is only long enough for Smith to make some hilariously bitter observation about life while he reloads his gun or reaches for another carrot.

Shoot 'Em Up is crazy, violent and hilarious, with cartoonish characters and a slick script. The action is non-stop without getting boring and the pace is hectic almost to the point of being exhausting. You'll know whether this film is for you or not just by the title, but if you do see it you're in for a ride. And when all is said and done, how can anyone fail to love a movie in which the hero delivers a baby during a gun battle and severs the umbilical chord with his pistol at point blank range?

- Ivan Sadler
A man protecting a pregnant woman from an assassin is drawn into a maelstrom of violence, while trying to protect the baby and uncover an evil conspiracy.

Dan 2007/10/03 3:03 PM
oh yeaaahh I definetly gone see this....
aby 2007/10/19 1:16 PM
miss it's ok
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