2006-03-30 12:45


Julie and her friends Hannah, Farrah, and Yancy have a supercharged sleepover on their hands: "popular" girls Staci, Liz, Jenna, and Molly have challenged them to a scavenger hunt. The winners get dibs on the coveted cool lunch spot at their new high school. The losers have to dine next to the dumpster, and far from any chance of popularity.

Staci and her devious pals aren't going to make it easy for Julie's crew. They'll have to do everything from sneaking into a nightclub, to rearranging clothes on store mannequins at a crowded mall, to stealing underwear from the most popular boy in the neighbourhood. They must even steal the king or queen's crown at the high school dance.

All in all, not bad for the first sleepover of the summer.

What the critics are saying:

"Just when the big screen could use an injection of frothy, giggly girl power -- all in the name of a covert feminist message, of course -- Sleepover squanders that promise with a blah story and even bigger bummer of a take-home message."
- Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

"Sleepover is just the latest in a string of teen flicks that suggest to the female population that the keys to happiness are popularity and a cute boyfriend."
- Sarah Chauncey,

"Nussbaum's attempt to capture the 'tween zeitgeist fails: The Spice Girls-infused soundtrack is dated, and the feel-good progressiveness forced."
- Kris Wilton, Village Voice

Gaggles of 12-year-old girls will fall all over themselves at a chance watch their contemporaries cause havoc and get away with it - but everyone else will be irritated by this predictable, bubble-gum flavoured mess of a movie.

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