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Soldiers of the Rock

2006-03-30 13:19


Vuyo, a business student, arrives at the gold mine not to begin a career but to discover more about his father - a man who died underground and whose last wish was to educate his son so he would never be subjected to the same way of life. Vuyo begins a new education in a world still immersed in the traditions of the old South Africa. He winds up with the toughest of this tribe, the deep-earth miners, who are desperately proud of their trade and increasingly unsettled by the fact that diminishing gold deposits threaten to end their livelihoods and traditions.

When ex-con and miner Suto appeals to Vuyo for help in convincing the workers to combine redundancy payments and buy their own mine, Vuyo is forced to decide where his loyalties lie - with these men and the memory of his father, or with himself. And will this step toward liberation upset or appease the dark spirit of the mine that has claimed so many lives?

What the critics are saying:

"The cinematography and set design create an authentic sense of the claustrophobia of the mines, and all the actors deliver sound performances. Still, however, one can't help but say: 'It's an excellent film for a student to have made.' A comment of praise which is not unconditional."
- Tanya Farber, The Star Tonight

"...Maake explores social tensions and cultural traditions without short-changing the action crowd (though second act could use some tightening). Tech package emphasizes palpable heat and claustrophobia of the mine with skill that belies film school origins of project."
- Eddie Cockrell, Variety

"Gleaming with the lustre of a precious metal snatched from the earth, Soldiers of the Rock is an outstanding alloy of mythology, free markets and nation building set in the deep dark places men should tread warily in."

A compelling action film set in South Africa's deep-level gold mining industry.

Zipho 2005/10/08 8:31 PM
Soldiers of the rock Soldiers of the rock Kung fu Hustle
Ernest 2005/10/20 12:38 AM
Mr soldiers of the rock
Lucky 2006/10/26 9:41 AM
not so bad The movie was good but I feel it still needed more potential to improve.
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