Son of Man

2008-07-28 10:52
What it's about:

The story of the Gospels is retold as a tale of corruption and redemption in contemporary Africa. The narrative unveils a portrait of a man of our time whose currency is the politics of compassion. It is a gripping journey of love, deception and betrayal in a conflicted society.

What the critics say:

"The film is worth watching just to see how the story is adapted, and for the elements that give it a National Geographic flair."
Eric D. Snider,

"The religious set will certainly enjoy this vividly colorful new take on Jesus but the film sort of limits itself from the rest of us."
Michael Ferraro, Film Threat

"The movie is a mix of gritty realism and fable, and director Mark Dornford-May finds many ways to place the story in a contemporary setting."
Tim Ryan, Rotten Tomatoes

"Son of Man boils down the life of Jesus Christ to 86 concise minutes, restoring layers of political motivation largely absent from The Passion of the Christ (2004) and adding stirring original vocal music."
Dennis Harvey, Variety
Based on the New Testament and viewed through a South African prism, it centers around the life of Jesus Christ as a modern African man.

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