Sorority Row

2009-11-19 16:04
Sorority Row

What it's about:

When five sorority girls inadvertently cause the murder of one of their sisters in a prank gone wrong, they agree to keep the matter to themselves and never speak of it again, so they can get on with their lives. This proves easier said than done, when after graduation a mysterious killer goes after the five of them and anyone who knows their secret.

What the critics thought:

"Call me the sarcastic sister, but the only thing screaming in any convincing way here are the cheap look, epileptic direction, and off-key, "edgy" humour."
-  Michelle Orange, Village Voice

"Sorority Row is an interminable mess of a film that juggles more characters and undeveloped subplots than it can handle and even manages to bungle the setup."
-  Stephen Holden, New York Times

"The tedious flick offers little more than a few scares, and plenty of boobs. And we're not just talking about the cast."
-  Kate Ward, Entertainment Weekly

"Unexciting remake of the cheapo 1993 slasher film."
- Philip French, Observer [UK]

"Even the gratuitous nudity can't quite save a Heathers-goes-to-college horror that's undermined by a silly plot and clunky dialogue."
- Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

A group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of their house-sister after a prank gone wrong, only to be stalked by a serial killer.

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