Spider-Man 3

2007-08-03 17:18
What it's about:

Spider-man (Tobey Maguire) is getting a little full of himself. The people of New York love him, as do the media and the city’s officials. As Peter Parker he’s top of his classes at varsity, a regular contributor the Daily Bugle, and he’s about to propose to his girlfriend Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). But things soon begin to go a little haywire. Faced by two deadly new enemies, and a new rival at work, Peter struggles to keep his double life on track. Luckily help arrives in the form a strange new black spidey-suit that gives him more power than ever. What Peter doesn’t realise is that this new power has a price.

What we thought of it:

Let’s face it, Peter Parker is boring. Sure he’s a nice guy, and he pulls off some amazing stunts as Spider-man, but as a protagonist he’s got to be the most white-bread of all the superheroes. It’s a testament to the anodyne charms of Tobey Maguire, the dedication of writer/director Sam Raimi and the massive special effects budgets that Spidey even made it past the first movie. But the fun had to end somewhere, and it looks like the third time’s the charm.

You can’t fault the filmmakers for lack of effort – they’ve thrown everything and the kitchen sink at this one. And that’s part of the problem. Try as they might, they can’t make Spider-man seem fresh, no matter how many new villains they throw at him. In the process all they end up doing is cramming the movie with more plotlines and action sequences than it can properly handle.

And yet, in spite of its bloated 140 minute running time, Spider-man 3 constantly feels rushed and harried. In one significant scene the Green Goblin (played by the ever innocuous James Franco) goes from Spider-man’s insane mortal enemy to his selfless new ally, all in the blink of an eye. Sure, there’s an explanation in the form of a handy butler with a handy life-altering anecdote, but you can’t escape the feeling that the flimsy plot is being bullied towards a destination, however unlikely it may be.

And, sure enough, we find ourselves with a grand finale that should, in theory, top any of the previous films (without ruining it for fans, it involves Spidey and three other superhuman protagonists). But, however cool it seems on paper, it just doesn’t deliver in terms of thrills. Like many of the film’s other action sequences, it’s just too frenetic and complicated to follow half the time. Even when we can see what’s going on, we’ve seen most of before in the previous Spider-man films.

The one thing the action sequences do have more of is real, naked violence. The age restriction is nominally 10M, but be warned that sensitive 10-year-olds will most likely not be comfortable with the sort of stabbing, battering and disintegrating that goes on in the film. Most worrying is one of Spidey’s new foes, a fang-mouthed horror called Venom, who is enough to give kiddies nightmares on his own.

The most disappointing thing about Spider-man 3 is that it fails to even live up to its own standards. Yes, big budget films like this are an exercise in spectacle rather than storytelling. And yes, that means we shouldn’t expect great acting or a surprising plot. But this third outing can’t even match the thrills or intensity of the first two.

Still, for all its faults, you can do far worse at the movies. Given the slew of unadulterated bilge that’s currently gracing our screens (Norbit, we mean you), it’s likely that Mr Parker is going to be riding high at the box offices. But, as is often the case with Hollywood, you have to wonder why they couldn’t have done it better.

- Alistair Fairweather
The third instalment of the Spiderman series throws everything and the kitchen sink at the screen, but fails to live up to its own standards.

Thigs 2007/05/04 4:40 PM
Purist The movie is just like the comic book. Any purist fan will realise that. I saw it and loved it. It may not be for everyone but is a great movie. The reviewer needs to approach it with that state of mind. Slow, I think not.
Flea 2007/05/04 5:37 PM
Thigs, you're an idiot I AM a purist and I hated it! How can you say it's just like the comic books? The comic books never crammed all the plotlines together like this. The comic books let you get to know the characters before the killed them off. This is just too much, too soon. And the effects aren't as good as the last movie - sorry!
Neville 2007/05/05 7:14 AM
I LOVE SPIDERMAN 3,THE MOVIE IS GREAT! Alistair Fairweather, I think he must be crazy, the movie is very interesting, Spiderman 3 is one of the best movie around and U get to see the evil side of spiderman. It is plain to see that people would have gotten used to the look and feel of the first two installment's but what Mr Alistair Fairweather fails to realise is that's what makes spiderman a success, & if U've watched spiderman trust me this third installment is fresh and visually astounding. Then there's the referrence to the comic book style to the movie and the fact that it maybe hurryed, Well da it's a movie not a comic book, and for movie people they will love it and will watch it again. Spiderman 3 is brillant and is different, My Advise Go Watch It.
Sadhiya 2007/05/05 9:19 AM
loosers Hey! if you say it is boring then you are a looser
Mark 2007/05/05 10:21 AM
Absolute Rubbish Never have I seen such rubbish. It was so drawn out that by the end i was wishing spiderman would just die himself.
Doug 2007/05/05 11:28 AM
Super Spidey I agree with Purist that its just like the comic book. I thoroughly enjoy movies that manage to hit the spot when it comes to re-creating images from my childhood and teen years - Venom is as spectacularly bad as Venom should be and Spidey is really just a guy and that brings the lessons closer to home. If movies like this break away from the comics too much they are creating new characters and this series of movies has managed to remain close enough to the original as possible I think. Only thing that got me was the American flag all big and bold - Does Spidey represent good ol' USA to the rescue? Then again I guess he is an American guy so it has to come in somewhere.
Spida 2007/05/05 12:18 PM
What a load of rubbish I'm sorry Alistair, but this review is a load of rubbish. You are not a true Spiderman fan. I agree with Purist, and so does a lot of true spiderman fans, this movie is just like the comic book. This is the best movie in the series, and so far Spiderman1 and 2 grossing over $1.6Billion. I think that this will be the best selling Spiderman of them all. This movie has it all, funnies, action, drama and topped with great special effects making it absolutely the greatest Spiderman film of them all. A must watch for true Spiderman fans!
fatima 2007/05/05 12:29 PM
i hate spidey hehehehehe dope dope doo
jack 2007/05/05 12:53 PM
spider man 3 great
Robert 2007/05/05 2:48 PM
Too much Much like in the Batman movies when they brought in 2 "bad guys" they put too much into a single sitting. No problems with the big action scenes. This is after all a super hero battling evil. But lets put one antagonist per movie please. It makes for a much better plot that way. Sometimes when you get to learn about the charactors that much better it makes for a much better movie.
ina 2007/05/05 2:58 PM
barbie i'm a girl
Nick 2007/05/05 4:17 PM
Can't say I'm Gonna Watch It Looks boring... review sums it up
Jay 2007/05/05 5:15 PM
Spiderman 3 I thoroughly enjoyed it. Peter Parker's evolution from "spiderman" to "black spiderman" is done cleverly and well. The movie stays true to the comics which is most admirable.
aymane 2007/05/05 5:25 PM
ca va aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dunkstar 2007/05/05 6:37 PM
Spiderman 3 is a GREAT film for the same reason that this ill informed reviewer thinks it's mediocre Spider man 3 may "throw everything and the kitchen sink" but this is what makes it great! The action sequences are superb, the increase in the number of villians makes for a fresh new way for spiderman to fight, and by gaining an ally (who was originally his best friend, before goin slightly insane due to the chemical which turns him to the goblin, hence making perfect sense that he would join spiderman) it increases the visual enjoyment that this movie gives you. The story is good and because of his nerdy/boring ways, Peter Parker is great to watch when the alien symbiot starts to corrupt him and make him more "evil"
Gill 2007/05/05 7:50 PM
Spiderman3 Just watched it and I think it was great. For once it had a point and I loved the whole thing
scaley scyclops 2007/05/05 8:49 PM
spiderman 3 sounds like a bulls rugby match... BORING!!
mykanus 2007/05/06 9:59 AM
Spider Man 3 Alistair you are full of @#$@! Spidey 3 is as epic as always! ! Watch it and leave the over played think you know all @$@@ at home! Its a great film see it!
Andrew 2007/05/06 8:15 PM
Oh how it pained me I wanted to eat my face this movie was so bad. When Peter Parker danced down the street ala Saturday Night Fever I felt physical pain. Intense physical pain. It was probably caused by the rusty nail I was stabbing my thigh with in order to distract myself from the mental anguish at seeing a classic superhero butchered beyond recognition.
The_Grog 2007/05/07 12:22 AM
Spiderman 3 Why it that people that should not watch Spiderman or the origin of it, rates and criticises it? I just watched it myself and thought to myself, isn’t this great? I laughed, cried and watched with horror and suspense what would happen next. If the plot is too difficult or to fast for viewers, I would suggest you go and read the some of the comics to get a feel for it. It is a fast changing story in the comics and was faithfully reproduced in the movie. And its not a bloated 140 minutes, it was 140 minutes explaining all the hardships and mistakes, also found in the comics. It is based on comics and obviously most people never had exposure to it and although it made perfect sense to me, it wouldn’t please some viewers. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it slotted in perfectly with the previous two movies. In fact, I watched it two times in a row, I just couldn’t help myself!
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